CardLogix is dedicated to providing first-class smart cards and services.  Since 2014, Identiv has proudly partnered with CardLogix, leveraging the company’s expertise and product quality to deliver high-security solutions for the logical and physical access control markets.  With CardLogix’s extensive printing and encoding services, Identiv is able to meet and exceed customer requirements, providing the best smart card security practices.

On several occasions, Identiv has contacted CardLogix with urgent orders that needed to be reviewed, processed, and manufactured immediately.  While Identiv expected a few weeks’ turnaround, CardLogix was incredibly able to deliver in 24 hours.  This quick turnaround time helped Identiv support its customer and solidified Identiv’s desire to expand its relationship with CardLogix.  CardLogix’s ability to listen to Identiv’s needs and go above and beyond was truly remarkable.

Stephane Ardiley, Director of Product Management, Identiv

NetHealth and Cardlogix business relation has been going on for the last seventeen years since we decided to introduce the smartcard technology to the Middle East in the year 2000.  Ever since we have enjoyed an excellent relationship that was build up on true partnership and technical innovation.

I had the honor of working with the business development team as well as the technical teams, as far as I can remember, we were always able to overcome all the challenges that encountered us.  The most important thing that we like about CardLogix is their ability to deliver what we ask on time, not to mention, that we never had any quality issues.  Their technical support before sale and even after sale if needed is superb.

I strongly believe they are a trustworthy, innovative, quality driven company that you can rely on, this is to say the least.

One more last but not least is their helpful, talented staff on all levels.  We at Nathealth are very happy and honored to be working with CardLogix.

Ahmad Tijani, CEO, NatHealth

GameSmart is a South African company supplying hardware and software solutions to the gaming industry in Africa since 2005.

Members from our company met CardLogix at the 2009 Las Vegas Gaming show and it was decided to utilise their card modules as it provided the security levels required  by our clients in Africa. In conjunction and with the assistance from CardLogix these modules were set-up to supply separate security keys for each of our various clients.

Since 2010 CardLogix has also assisted us with the development and design of the card bodies to fit their modules, and have since supplied over 1 ,2 million of these cards to us.

CardLogix staff have visited us on a regular basis, and during site visits been able to assist us to resolve queries and problems from clients.

During the past ten years we have been able to build up an excellent relationship with CardLogix and its staff members , and although we are many time zones removed, we have the assurance that we will always receive exceptional support and products from them.

Please contact us if you do have any queries or require additional information.

Chris Von Maltitz, Financial Manager, GameSmart

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for your outstanding work on our project for “Rebadging” All the Green Zone Iraqi staff following the first US DOD pullout; Project included Design of a multilingual terminal software program for portable verification and where CardLogix designed the card data-map and provided specific APIs for interfacing the cards to the government data networks, in addition to supplying all smart cards, printers, software, terminals, cleaning up the database of registrants, built a key management and card issuance system and Designed a holographic patch for the cards registered under the Iraqi MOD which include stat of the art (Micro & Nano Text, Guilloche, Flip Image Country-Flag and Cut-out for module).

Working on such project with the given time frame was a huge challenge and we had some terribly frustrating issues but with your help and support, this was achieved on time and target.

We have also been very pleased with the quality of the support that your team has demonstrated during the execution, installation and project hand over.  The client was very satisfied.

There are many other things I could add, but mainly, I’d like to say thank you again for all your good work and we look forward to future collaboration.

Dr. Jehad Al-Omari, ICS Technologies - Iraq

Five years ago, we started using CardLogix for production of our patented Multi-SAFE ID Card for Liberia’s Ministry of Education identification needs.  This card, produced here in the US (a requirement by SOSB) by CardLogix, is used with SOSB’s patented biometric AcuTRAAC time and attendance and identity management system.  The first production of cards ran so smoothly that we started to use CardLogix for all of our card contract requirements.  This maintenance free (renowned Multi-Card) has been requested by other Countries to complement SOSB’s Solutions for all levels of identity management.  We have recently been requested to extend our biometric Multi-Card and identity management system to cover Liberia’s entire country’s National ID requirement and many other African Countries.

Our company’s motto; “Big Enough to do it all….  Small Enough to do it right….” is complemented by the experience of this great product from CardLogix Company and has provided SOSB with a solution that is a perfect balance to SOSB’s family of solutions.  Since the beginning of our working relationship, we have enjoyed a beneficial and rewarding partnership with CardLogix.

Biometrics is the future of identity management and we have been able to marry our solutions, with these cards to provide a significant cost savings to Liberia and our other contracts.  We also have been worry free on the issue of card maintenance and CardLogix has expertly been there to answer any questions that we have had since our partnership began.

Brian A. Colella, CEO, SOSB Corporation