Designed for High Security and Multi-Function Applications

  • Contact (ISO 7816), NFC/Contactless (ISO 14443), or Dual Interface
  • Common Criteria EAL5+ Certified Secure Silicon
  • Powered by CardLogix’ M.O.S.T. Operating System
  • Long Term Support by CardLogix
  • Up to 162k bytes of EEPROM User Memory
  • EF, Linear, Cyclical, and ePurse File Types
  • AES Encryption, SHA-256 HMAC, eSignatures
  • Easy Development with M.O.S.T Toolz SDK
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Custom Smart Cards Available
C5 MOST Microprocessor Smart Card

  C5 Series

M.O.S.T. Card® C5 series features up to 64k Bytes of user memory that can be configured for a wide variety of applications including token authentication, encrypted data storage and session key based purse functions. The C5 family is the baseline option for the M.O.S.T. Card® smart card family with AES encryption, SHA-1 authentication, multiple file types and other standard M.O.S.T. Card features. The other C series cards differ in terms of user memory capacity options, additional security and administration features, and their communication interfaces.

C6 Series

M.O.S.T. Card® C6 series is the contactless smart card version of C5 plus injectable AES keys and an Administration Password. The family features up to 68k Bytes of user memory that can be configured for a wide variety of applications including access control (PACS), Single Sign-On, transportation payments, contactless badging with on-card biometric storage, Voter IDs, and closed payment systems and applications that require a contactless session key based purse function.

  C7 Series

M.O.S.T. Card® C7 series smart card is the next level up from C5 with larger user memory options and more advanced security features, including AES encryption, SHA-256, and HMAC authentication. The C7 offers up to 144k Bytes of user memory that can be configured for wide variety of applications including National or Civil IDs, Drivers Licenses, Voter IDs, sophisticated employee badges with Single Sign-On capability, multi-modal biometric credentials with e-signature functionality, and applications that require larger on-card storage such as a health record card (EHR).

C8 Series

M.O.S.T. Card® C8 series is the contactless version of the C7 series plus MRTD encryption routines used for passports and the EU Driver License specifications . The cards feature injectable AES keys, an Admin Password, SHA-256 and HMAC authentication with e-Signature functionality, and up to 144k bytes of user memory. The cards are ideal for ID-1 ICAO certified Border Crossing Cards, Access Control (PACS), Single Sign-On, Healthcare IDs, Voter IDs, transportation payments, contactless badging with on-card storage of biometrics, and any application that requires a strong eWallet with a session key purse function.

  C9 Series

M.O.S.T. Card® C9 series adds dual-interface capability to the C8 series with a single microprocessor chip that communicates to both contact and contactless smart card readers. The cards feature injectable AES keys, an Admin Password, HMAC SHA-265 eSignatures, MRTD encryption routines for ePassports and the EU Driver License specifications, and up to 162k bytes of user memory. The C9 cards are ideal for Logical Access (Single Sign-On) and Physical Access (PACS) combination cards, ID-1 ICAO certified Border Crossing Cards, Healthcare IDs, Voter IDs, transportation payments, contactless badging with on-card storage of biometrics, and any application that requires a strong eWallet with a session key purse function.

Standard M.O.S.T. Card Features:

  • Operating voltage range: 1.62V to 5.5V (ISO 7816 Class A, B, and C)
  • CRC16 and CRC32 engines are compliant with ISO/IEC 3309
  • Global unique card identifier system is compliant with ASN.1
  • Object Identifier components (ITU-T Rec. X.667 | ISO/IEC 9834-8, and with IETF RFC 4122)
  • AES encryption fully conforms to FIPS 197
  • Authentication mechanisms are fully compliant to Secure Hash Standard (SHS) FIPS PUB 180-4
  • Conforms to (HDLC) procedures ISO/IEC 13239:2002
  • Programmable passwords for all access modes: read, write, update, invalidate and rehabilitate
  • Data retention > 10 years
  • Endurance: maximum of 16.5 million programming cycles at 25 °C
  • Electrostatic discharge protection > 6,000

M.O.S.T. Card® is a microprocessor-based smart card family designed for multi-function and/or high-security applications. Sophisticated and easy to use SDKs, such as M.O.S.T. Toolz™ Smart Card Configuration Utility and Winplex® Middleware, allow you to design a smart card system that grows with your needs, supporting multiple functions, applications, and readers-all while maintaining high security. With advanced security features and ample user memory at competitive prices, it’s no wonder millions of users around the world are using the CardLogix M.O.S.T. Card® for diverse applications from national healthcare records, physical access cards and national IDs to player tracking, key cards and cashless payment in casinos.

M.O.S.T. Card® runs on the M.O.S.T Card Operating System which a variety of security measures, including SHA-1 and SHA-256 bi-directional / mutual authentication, AES, DES, 3DES and HMAC encryption, PIN/passwords, and internal random number generation for unique e-signatures and transaction sessions. The CardLogix M.O.S.T. OS is built with error detection code and security self-tests. The EAL certified silicon provides continuous encryption of all data and the virtualization of the data across the non-volatile memory. The M.O.S.T. OS also features three built-in anti-tearing mechanisms to support heavy transactional environments. M.O.S.T. cards are future-proofed, working on multiple silicon vendors’ devices so your projects are always supported. All cards manufactured by CardLogix conform to ISO 7816-1, -2, -3, and -4 standards for physical and electrical characteristics. Additionally, all of our smart cards exceed 6000V ESD input, and all cards exceed 250,000 read/write cycles. High security features, diverse capabilities, rapid development, and affordability are just some of the reasons for which leading companies and countries around the world have chosen CardLogix M.O.S.T. Card® smart cards for National Health Insurance ID cards, Civil IDs, National IDs, gaming applications, biometric credentials, physical access (PACS) cards, key cards and stored value cards. With a M.O.S.T Card®, the possibilities for smart card applications are endless.

All microprocessor cards need a logical data model (card file system) or applet in the card that corresponds to the external application that will talk to the card. To develop this you will need a smart card development kit (SDK). For M.O.S.T. Cards® you will need M.O.S.T. Toolz™ to provide us with a file to put in your cards before we can ship you a card in volume. If you need your cards customized, consider a desktop card printer with personalization functions. If your project is of a high volume nature or needs lithographic printing, please use our Card Quote System and tell us about your requirements. We also offer card design services ranging from simple projects to ultra-high security printing and holographic programs. Please review our Smart Card Product Selection Guide for our complete card offerings, including Magnetic Stripe (Magstripe), Straight MemoryProtected Memory, and Contactless smart cards. If you need something out of the ordinary please contact us to discuss your program. CardLogix can provide a full custom silicon solution if you require it. Our standard product is shipped in white commercial grade PVC substrate with a mirror-mirror finish for use with desktop printers. CardLogix M.O.S.T. cards are fully supported by our development kits and software tools, such as M.O.S.T. Toolz™, CardAppz®, and Winplex® API; as well as conforming to and working with all WinSCard and PC/SC readers.

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