CardLogix SIMs result from years of quality design and manufacturing, backed by the company pledge to respond quickly and precisely to customer needs. With many options to choose from in operating systems, tools, applications, memory, and graphic design, a SIM that fits an operator’s exact needs is assured.

Offered as 2G and 3G, SIM cards are available with:

  • ABS, PVC, or Polycarbonate plastic
  • Many in-stock processor chips
  • Short-run production
  • Inventory tracking with SIM card bundles, shipping and logistics labels, and delivery with full traceability to point-of-sale

Operating Systems
CardLogix offers a choice of Java Card™Native Delos™, and custom USIM operating systems, with a wide choice of capacities and functionalities.

System development is streamlined with:

  • VirtuoSimo™ – For universal wireless development, testing, and debugging
  • Geode™ – For easy applet development
  • S@T Manager – For quick creation of S@T scenarios through a user-friendly interface

You can choose from many standard and custom applets, from Virtual Top-Off to Instant Messaging, for a full-featured solution. Numerous applets are available through authorized CardLogix SIMply Smart Partners.

Graphic Printing and Design 
Whether the SIM card needs traceability or just some added visual impact, CardLogix provides many choices in printing and design:

  • Barcodes (SKU, UPC, ICCID, etc.)
  • Variable data imaging and serialization
  • Laser engraving, holograms, holomags and guilloche

Other Options

  • CDplus ConnectCard, a companion card with a 14MB of data in CD or DVD formats
  • Custom form factors to fit any mobile environment