FastCheck® ID Card Validation Software

Identity Verification with Biometrics and Smart Card Technology

FastCheck® ID Card Validation Software

  • Instant Identity Verification and ID Card Validation
  • Built for Smart Card Technology (Contactless NFC & Contact)
  • Mobile and Desktop Versions Available
  • Biometric Matching with Windows Version
  • Supports M.O.S.T. Card® Microprocessor Smart Cards
  • Available for Android and Windows devices

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Instantly validate contact or contactless smart ID cards with digital key matching. Verify cardholder identity with multiple factors of authentication.

FastCheck software instantly reads and displays biographical information, photo IDs, and electronic signatures extracted from the smart card chip. The software also matches newly captured biometric data against the biometric templates stored securely within the chip. Available for both mobile and desktop identity applications, FastCheck is offered in various off-shelf versions for Windows® computers, notebooks, or tablets as well as NFC-enabled Android devices with contactless smart cards.

The software can be customized to meet your exact requirements. Successfully deployed in identity programs around the world, including for the Iraq Green Zone and Taiwan Military Base, FastCheck and CardLogix will get your identity program up to speed.

Try our free working demo for NFC-enabled Android devices, which can be fully customized to meet your unique requirements.

FastCheck™ App for Android  –  Mobile Identity Verification 

FastCheck™ for Android is a quick-response app for instant ID card validation, identity verification, and mobile registration using ISO/IEC 14443/ NFC contactless smart cards. The app leverages Android devices’ NFC technology to write, read and display cardholder information that is stored in the smart card’s security chip, such as photo ID, signature, name, and other biographical data. Authenticate ID cards and users in the field. Enroll new users from a remote location too. With the click of a button, the data is written to the contactless smart card for a newly issued ID card, or it is uploaded to CardLogix’ Troposphere Cloud SQL database for later. FastCheck is fully customizable. Request the inclusion of your logo for demonstration purposes. Request different fields. Request biometrics. Let us know what you need, and CardLogix will tailor the app to meet your specific requirements. FastCheck is ideal for instant, in-the-field credential validation applications that require speed and convenience, such as:

– Enterprise Smart Badges
– National IDs
– Voter IDs
– Driver Licenses
– Driver Tachograph Cards
– Healthcare Staff IDs
– Insurance IDs
– Hospital Staff IDs
– Weapon Control Cards
– Student IDs
– Player Tracking Cards

To demonstrate the app to shareholders, you will need FastCheck Demo Cards. Please request your complimentary demo cards under the settings menu. The app is compatible with Android OS 4.4+ devices with NFC capability

FastCheck is also available for Windows® PC and biometrics-enabled devices for verifying cardholder identities by matching newly captured biometric templates against biometrics stored in the user card’s security chip

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