PASSCheck™ ePassport & eMRTD Validation Software

ePassport & MRTD Validation Software for Windows

PASSCheck™ ePassport & eMRTD Validation Software

  • Instantly Reads, Decrypts and Displays credential and presenter data from smart chip
  • Validates the digital signature against published certificates from each country
  • Authenticates the identity of the presenter against biometrics (e.g. photo, signature, fingerprints, iris, or face) stored in the credential’s smart card chip
  • Verifies the authenticity of ID Credentials with optional optical authentication
  • Provides optional watchlist and PEP compliance
  • Offers an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface

Custom Options Available

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PASSCheck is available for Windows PC™, which is designed for multiple readers and scanners but is certified with the AccessIS Atom reader.

PASSCheck™ ID Credential Validation Software enables the instant authentication of credential data, ID documents, and card presenters of ePassports, ID-1 ICAO smart cards and other eMRTDs.

CardLogix PASSCheck ID Credential Validation Software is a unique software application that reads, decrypts and validates data from the CPU chip embedded in ePassports and other ICAO eMRTDs (Machine Readable Travel Documents). It supports multi-modal biometric verification, optical authentication, and optional watchlists and PEP compliance. The software enables an advanced level of security and authentication for border control and immigration, airport security, gaming compliance, and other identity programs. PassCheck is designed for multiple settings, including fixed locations, multi-device environments, and mobile frontline management of personnel. The software is available in two versions that offer the same features but differ with regard to style and hardware. PassCheck for Windows PC™ is compatible with a wide variety of scanners and readers that connect to a Windows PC. PassCheck for Unity™ is designed specifically for Corvus’ Unity™, the ultimate handheld, mobile identity solution for multi-modal biometrics and ID Credentials.

Advanced Validation of Data, Personnel, and ID Credentials

Credential and Data Integrity: Unlike other passport and eMRTD validation software, PassCheck instantly reads credential data from the chip, decrypts the data based on the BAC standard, and then validates its digital signature against published certificates for each country. This capability ensures that the data from within the credential’s chip came from the authorized issuing country and that it remains in its original form without signs of tampering or alteration, ensuring data integrity.

Cardholder Identification: The software facilitates subject verification by displaying and verifying a biometric modality (e.g. photo, signature, fingerprint, or iris) stored in the credential’s smart card chip. The biometric modality can be matched against newly captured biometrics from compatible biometrics-enabled hardware. This ensures that the presenter is the authorized owner of the ID Credential.

Credential Authentication: In order to verify that the passport, border crossing card, or other eMRTD is the legitimate ID Credential in its original form, optical authentication can be performed with hardware that contains optical imaging capability, such as the Access-IS Atom® ADR300 and OCR640e Document Imager and eMRTD Reader. The software compares document scanning to over 3,000 exemplars including UV and IR.

Watchlists and PEP Compliance

PassCheck offers optional sanctions lists and PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) compliance modules that help organizations fight terrorist activities and money laundering. The watchlists and PEP compliance meet the demanding requirements of international government regulatory agencies.

Biometrics Support and Compliance

Biometric functions are built to ANSI378, ICAO9303, NISTIR6529-A, ISO/IEC19794-2, and ISO/IEC19794-4 standards and 2 and 3 line MRZ decoding.

  • Verification against a finger file in the Credential (validation)
  • Reading and comparison of ANSI 378 and MINEX ICAO compliant templates
  • Extraction of raw fingerprint image from a WSQ file with a restoration option for new FMRs
  • Extraction and comparison of Iris data

Compatible with Multiple Passport Scanners, Readers and Document Imagers

PassCheck for Windows PC™ can be used with a wide variety of passport scanners and readers, so that users are not tied to one device. Multiple hardware options enable multi-factor authentication of credential data, documents, and personnel in any setting, such as mobile frontline management of personnel, fixed locations, and multi-device environment.

PassCheck for Unity™ – Ultimate Mobile Identity Solution for ePassports and Multi-Modal Biometrics

PassCheck software, when combined with Unity™, the new handheld, rugged, multi-modal biometric capture and verification terminal from Corvus Integration, creates the ultimate identity solution for authenticating eMRTDs and subjects with biometrics in real-time. Unity is a sophisticated single hand-held mobile computer running on Windows 7 for capturing and verifying multi-modal biometrics that features enterprise class components and software for best in class performance and reliability. Biometric modalities with Unity include multiple fingerprints (live and latent), dual iris, frontal face, and voice. PassCheck software compares newly captured biometrics from Unity against the biometrics already stored in the credential’s smart card chip to reliably authenticate the credential against the presenter’s identity. The Unity Passport Scanner and NFC Reader mounts directly on Unity for instant reading of data from passports, ID-1 ICAO Cards, and other Machine Readable Travel Documents.


CardLogix Part Number Version MSRP
1300002 PassCheck® for Windows PC
Standalone Software
(Readers/Scanners sold separately)
Call for pricing.
9001183 PassCheck® for Windows PC
Bundle (Includes Access-IS OCR640e Document Imager and eMRTD Reader)
Call for pricing.
9001184 PassCheck® for UNITY
Bundle (Includes Unity Passport Scanner/Reader)

Optional Software Modules

CardLogix Part Number Module MSRP
1500001 Optical Authentication Call for pricing.
1500004 Watchlist and PEP Compliance Call for pricing.

PassCheck for Windows PC™ is offered as a standalone software solution that is device independent and compatible with a wide variety of ID document scanners and readers, including:

PassCheck for Unity™ is designed specifically for Corvus’ Unity Passport Scanner/Reader which mounts directly on UNITY for instant adaptation to passport reading with MRZ and NFC capability. Combined, UNITY with PassCheck is a complete, handheld capture and verification terminal for multimodal biometrics and ID Credentials. PassCheck software is easy to use and simple to operate.


Features And Capabilities PassCheck For Windows PC™ PassCheck For Unity™
Supported Credentials E-Passports (BAC & EAC) Yes Yes
ICAO ID-1 Cards (MRTDs) Yes Yes
Credential Data Validation Reading and display of credential data from chip Yes Yes
Digital signature validation from issuing country Yes Yes
Biometric Authentication Multi-modal matching based on capture and verification hardware Yes Yes
Optical Authentication Comparison of document scanning to over 3,000 exemplars, including UV and IR Optional
Regulatory Compliance Watchlist and PEP Compliance Optional Optional
Supported Readers And Scanners Unity Passport Scanner/Reader for Unity Yes
Futronic FS88H and FS82HC Yes
GreenBit DactyScan 84x 10 Finger Livescan Yes
Access IS OCR640e,  OCR601-Mk2, OCR315e, OCR316e with MS, OCR32x, and OCR34x, Atom® ADR300 Yes
Nidec Sankyo DSR9030001 MRZ and Magnetic Stripe Reader Yes
3M CR100 and CR100M Document Readers Yes
IDENTIV Utrust 4701 and 4711 Contactless Card Readers Yes


PassCheck is designed for fixed locations, multi-device environments, and mobile frontline management of personnel in any setting for government-issued documents, ePassports, and ICAO MRTDs.

Applications include

  • Border control and immigration
  • New document issuance (passport, visa, etc.)
  • Kiosks and self-service auto eGates
  • Airport passenger data capture
  • Gaming compliance
  • Hotels and car rental registration
  • Breeder document verification for ID/DL issuance
  • New account enrollment for banks
  • ID verification for check cashing


CardLogix Corporate Profile

CardLogix is an ISO 9001:2008 certified smart card manufacturer, software developer, and the premier provider of smart card and biometric technology with a comprehensive line of software development platforms and applications that enable easy and rapid development of high quality smart cards and ID systems. Since 1998, CardLogix has supplied millions of cards and card components to over 42 countries around the world. As an expert in smart card and chip technology, card operating systems, card software, development tools, and middleware, CardLogix has continuously been at the forefront of smart card technology. Strong partnerships with key suppliers in software, biometric capture, readers, and printers enables CardLogix to deliver complete, leading-edge solutions for multiple applications to markets globally, such as national, civil, voter and enterprise identity; physical and logical access cards; stored value; loyalty and rewards programs; e-purse; gaming, healthcare and other solutions that use a combination of multiple applications onto one card.

CardLogix Values

Trust is the primary commodity that CardLogix trades in every day. CardLogix builds and maintains customers’ confidence in our products and processes, so that they can trust our cards and software to reliably protect personnel, sensitive data, and their most valuable assets. From development software that’s flexible and easy to use to uncompromising customer support, CardLogix delivers on the promise of trust that our services inspire and our cards guarantee. Our company culture breeds initiative, commitment, and follow-through. As a global supplier and active industry participant, CardLogix understands the importance of being a responsible global business. With recycling, energy conservation, and full RoHS compliance, the company meets its goals with the environment in mind.

CardLogix Mission

CardLogix’ mission is to make high security and multifunctional ID Credential systems more widely available for organizations in need. CardLogix strives to make data transactions more secure, personnel and assets more protected, sensitive data more private, and to turn otherwise complex and expensive smart card system projects into streamlined, easier-to-develop, and more cost-effective solutions for both integrators and end-users.

CardLogix Advantage

  • Experts in smart card technology with a deep understanding of what is involved to get a smart card project from A to Z
  • Commitment to ISO, ICAO, and industry conformance to ensure performance and interoperability
  • Extensive partnerships with companies that offer complementary smart card infrastructure components
  • Innovative products and solutions that simplify smart card development
  • Cutting edge technology, sophistication and differentiated quality at a fraction of competitors’ costs
  • Continuous customer support and involvement with evolving card projects

CardLogix manufactures high security and multi-functional ISO compliant smart cards, powered by CardLogix’ own operating systems. CardLogix offers easy-to-use software development platforms for programmers, powerful middleware and APIs, a variety of applications software, and innovative solutions that empower both integrators and end-users to develop and personalize smart cards with less dependency on programming.