healthcare card, health smart card, smart cardSmart cards enable a wide spectrum of functions for healthcare, including informatics and embedded equipment applications. Over the last ten years, CardLogix has provided millions of smart cards for both embedded and national health programs throughout the world, ensuring timely and secure delivery of information and patient care. All countries, ranging from developed nations to those with remote villages and weak infrastructures can benefit from smart card based national health programs.

CardLogix smart cards extend the portability and security of health informatics data (EMR/EHR) with a wide variety of card types and capacities. Our cards can serve as redundant and mobile databases for applications such as patient/insurance records, emergency care, and clinical trials. Public and private entities worldwide depend on the high quality of CardLogix’ cards, complying with HL-7, HIPPA, and FDA regulations.

CardLogix smart cards also play a vital role in many embedded medical applications used to ensure compliance, cost control, and data security. Our cards are a perfect choice for critical medical devices, including:

  • Hemodialysis machines
  • Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices
  • Laser and refractive eye surgery machines
  • Blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol monitoring appliances
  • Automated dispensing cabinets
  • Medical measurement equipment (e.g. glaucoma testers)

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CardLogix’ extensive experience in informatics and embedded applications means that we can provide your program with the right solution that suits your unique needs. For a complete overview of our smart card offerings, please review our Smart Card Product Selection Guide.