M.O.S.T. Toolz™ II SDK Biometrics – Fingerprint Edition

Smart Card System Development with Secure Biometrics Storage and Fingerprint Verification

M.O.S.T. Toolz™ II SDK Biometrics – Fingerprint Edition


Complete Kit – Develop Smart ID Cards for Secure Cardholder Fingerprint Storage and Identity Verification Fast and Easy


Rapid Software Development For Secure Biometrics Storage and Fingerprint Verification

CardLogix M.O.S.T. Toolz™ II Kit includes everything you need to develop advanced ID cards, ID badges,  and government ID credentials on microprocessor smart card technology. The Fingerprint Edition adds the secure storage of high-grade fingerprint templates and matching functions for 1:1 (one-to-one) fingerprint verification.

The encrypted, high-grade fingerprint templates remain safe and private in password-protected files stored within tamper-resistant, hack-proof smart chips. By storing the cardholder’s fingerprint template in the cardholder’s smart ID card, his or her identity can be verified (authenticated) without needing to be connected to a central network. Smart cards with stored fingerprint templates and other biometrics enable identity verification mobility as well as safety and privacy for cardholder identities.

M.O.S.T. Toolz™ II SDK Fingerprint Edition accelerates the development of high security biometric ID credential systems that meet ICAO and ISO/IEC standards for both smart cards and biometrics. More than an SDK, the kit combines the development of a M.O.S.T. Card® Microprocessor Smart Card file system with the power to capture a fingerprint image, compress the image with the WSQ algorithm, and to transform the image into an ISO 19794-2 or ANSI 378 template. The user can then select a best candidate with the CBEFF interoperable header and write it to the M.O.S.T. Card. Developers can build a biometrics-enhanced smart card transaction system that updates and secures files while setting a variety of defensive measures to protect user ID, card access, value, and biometric data secured in the smart card chip. CardLogix development tools enable easy updating without the need to reissue ID cards.

Full Support of Biometric Functions Built to ANSI 378, ICAO 9303, NISTIR 6529-A, ISO/IEC 19794-2, and ISO/IEC 19794-4 Standards

  • Extraction of fingerprint image
  • Creation of ANSI 378 and MINEX compliant templates
  • Candidate grading with minutiae points
  • WSQ compression
  • CBEFF header creation via supplied program and source code examples
  • Writing the fingerprint data to the smart card using the Winplex Fingerprint Demo Application and source code examples
  • Verification against a fingerprint file stored in the smart chip (validation)

M.O.S.T. Toolz II SDK Fingerprint Edition Kit includes:

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Need other infrastructure components for smart ID card issuance and deployment?

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Fingerprint matching is a highly reliable method for verifying the identity of a user. When paired with smart card technology one-to-one fingerprint matching is accomplished in the most secure environment. Combine fingerprint biometrics with microprocessor smart card technology for use in digital, multi-factor authentication applications. Safely store fingerprint templates in the smart card chip, rather than over an insecure network, to provide optimal protection and privacy of sensitive biometric information. Compare newly captured fingerprint images from a fingerprint scanner against the fingerprint templates stored within the smart card chip to verify user identity.

According to Smart Card Alliance

Smart cards are widely acknowledged as one of the most secure and reliable forms of electronic identification. To provide the highest degree of confidence in identity verification, biometric technology is considered to be essential in a secure identification system design. Combining smart card technology with biometrics provides the means to create a positive binding of the smart card (a difficult-to-clone token) to the cardholder thereby enabling strong verification and authentication of the cardholder’s identity. Using smart cards with biometrics results in a trusted credential for authenticating an individual’s identity using one-to-one biometric verification.

Include high-grade biometric functions with smart card technology built to ANSI378, ICAO9303, NISTIR6529-A, ISO/IEC19794-2, and ISO/IEC19794-4 Standards fast and easily with the support of CardLogix M.O.S.T. Toolz™ II Fingerprint Edition.


Rapid Smart Card Configuration

M.O.S.T. Toolz Smart Card Configuration Utility features a user-friendly interface that enables developers to swiftly set keys and design a M.O.S.T. card file structure (CFS). With multiple programming examples, instructive demo software, and powerful middleware developers have a comprehensive set of tools to create high security, multifunctional smart card applications that utilize fingerprint capture and validation quickly and easily.

Sophisticated Middleware for Advanced Reader Functions

In addition to PC/SC support, the Winplex® API Middleware reduces high level commands for advanced smart card reader functions not supported by PC/SC. This powerful API has over 160 functions, including biometric capture, matching, and storage, and functions for specific reader hardware, such as magnetic stripe reading, card latching, and LED control. The middleware includes programming examples in C# (.Net framework).

Powerful Demonstration Software

Demo programs that illustrate multiple smart card functions, such as how to capture and write fingerprint data to the M.O.S.T. Card, are included to accelerate learning for system development. Each demo software includes source code examples and one or more demo card. See tab labeled “Demo Programs” for more detail.

Strong Identity Verification with Biometrics and Smart Cards

Smart cards are widely accepted as one of the most secure and reliable methods of identification. Biometric technology is essential in a secure identification system in order to provide the highest degree of confidence in identity verification. Combining microprocessor smart card technology with biometrics provides the optimal means to create a positive binding of the smart card to the cardholder thereby enabling strong verification and authentication of the cardholder’s identity.

Secure Protection of Fingerprint Data

Unlike cellular devices and other tokens, M.O.S.T. microprocessor smart cards can safely store large, ICAO compliant biometric templates in the chip and make comparisons locally without the need to connect to a database of biometric identifiers. When a subject presents his or her card to the reader, the biometric data stored in the chip is temporarily processed and verified against a newly captured fingerprint image. This process is significantly more secure and less vulnerable to hackers than systems that store biometric data on central databases.

Secure Lifecycle Management

By using the transport key and forensic card information commands, a user can engineer a secure and efficient lifecycle management system for the smart card ecosystem. The commands relay the state of the cards throughout their entire lifecycle.

Instant Enrollment, Personalization and ID Card Issuance

Without requiring additional programming, scripts or custom APIs, management can enroll personnel with one of Corvus’ biometric enrollment kits and Raven software and prepare for instant personalization and issuance of smart card ID Credentials. Within Card Encoding Engineâ„¢ ID Card Personalization Software are two built-in connections: one for importing biometric and biographic data and the other for importing the card file structure (CFS) created or selected in M.O.S.T. Toolz. The user can then validate the credentials with FastCheckValidation Software, and then encode and print them for instant card issuance.

Supported M.O.S.T. Card® Microprocessor Smart Cards feature:

  • AES, HMAC, and SHA-256 algorithms for high security data encryption and authentication
  • Up to 144k Bytes of user memory to store ICAO compliant biometric templates
  • Contact, Contactless, and Dual-Interface
  • Advanced file support: Linear, Cyclical, and Purse Files
  • Global Password File and Administrator Password File support
  • Auto key loading utility
  • Export card file maps to CSV or Microsoft Excel files for key ceremony and secure backups



Included Demo Cards
  • 5x M.O.S.T. Card® C5 or C6 68kB Customizable Limited Life Cards
  • 5x M.O.S.T. Card® C5 or C6 68kB Fingerprint Demo Cards
  • 1x M.O.S.T. Card® C5 68kB “Hello World” Demo Card
  • 1x M.O.S.T. Card® C7 144kB Data Protection Demo Card
  • 1x M.O.S.T. Card® C7 144kB eSignature Demo Card
  • 1x M.O.S.T. Card® C6 68kB Transaction Demo Card
  • 1x M.O.S.T. Card® C5 68kB Winplex® Demo Card
  • 1x M.O.S.T. Card® C5 68kB FastCheck® Demo Card
  • 1x M.O.S.T. Card® C5 68kB Employee ID idblox® Demo Card
Included Card Reader Futronic FS82HC Fingerprint Scanner and Smart Card Reader
  • M.O.S.T. Toolz Smart Card Configuration Utility
  • Powerful Demonstration Software
  • Winplex® Middleware and API
  • PC/SC Reader Configuration Utility
Printed Manuals
  • M.O.S.T. Toolz Programming Examples (Visual Basic, .NET, C++, and C#)
  • Winplex® Middleware Command Examples
Supported Operating Systems
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • ANSI378
  • ICAO903
  • NISTIR6529-A
  • ISO/IEC19794-2
  • ISO/IEC19794-4
  • idblox®


Biometric Applications that use Fingerprint Verification

Single Sign On – Single sign-on (SSO) using fingerprint recognition is a fingerprint authentication process that allows a user to access multiple applications using their fingerprints. Once the user is authenticated,they can switch between multiple applications without further prompts for authentication during a particular session. Single Sign On is an example of Fingerprint Verification Software

Logical Access Control – Accessing Software, solutions, network using your fingerprints. Some of the applications include – BYOD policy, securing file/folders on your computer, accessing work email or resources.

Patient ID Systems using fingerprints – Allows patients to be identified using their fingerprints. These systems help Hospitals Improve Patient Safety, Eliminate Duplicate Medical Records and Provides Fraud Protection by using Fingerprint Recognition Solution.

Bank Customer Identification – Allows Bank customers to access funds or services using their fingerprints. Increases security and authenticity for financial transactions.

M.O.S.T. Toolz Fingerprint Edition smart card development environment is ideal for high security ID Credential systems that require strong multi-factor authentication, ICAO and ISO compliant fingerprint storage and validation, reliable protection of sensitive data, and multiple applications on one smart card. Common credential types include:

  • Citizen ID
  • National ID
  • Voter ID
  • Border Control
  • Enterprise Smart Badges
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military ID
  • First Responder
  • Access Control Systems

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Corporate Profile

CardLogix is an ISO 9001:2015 certified smart card manufacturer, software developer, and the premier provider of smart card and biometric technology with a comprehensive line of SDKs, tools, and applications that enable easy and rapid development of high quality smart cards and ID systems. Since 1998, CardLogix has supplied millions of cards and card components to over 42 countries around the world. As an expert in smart card and chip technology, card operating systemscard software, development tools, and middleware, CardLogix has continuously been at the forefront of smart card technology. Strong partnerships with key suppliers in software, biometric capture, readers, and printers enables CardLogix to deliver complete, leading-edge solutions for multiple applications to markets globally, such as national, civil, voter and enterprise identity; physical and logical access cards; stored value; loyalty and rewards programs; e-purse; gaming, healthcare and other solutions that use a combination of multiple applications onto one card.

CardLogix Values

Trust is the primary commodity that CardLogix trades in every day. CardLogix builds and maintains customers’ confidence in our products and processes, so that they can trust our cards and software to reliably protect personnel, sensitive data, and their most valuable assets. From development software that’s flexible and easy to use to uncompromising customer support, CardLogix delivers on the promise of trust that our services inspire and our cards guarantee. Our company culture breeds initiative, commitment, and follow-through. As a global supplier and active industry participant, CardLogix understands the importance of being a responsible global business. With recycling, energy conservation, and full RoHS compliance, the company meets its goals with the environment in mind.

CardLogix Mission

CardLogix’ mission is to make high security and multifunctional ID Credential systems more widely available for organizations in need. CardLogix strives to make data transactions more secure, personnel and assets more protected, sensitive data more private, and to turn otherwise complex and expensive smart card system projects into streamlined, easier-to-develop, and more cost-effective solutions for both integrators and end-users.

CardLogix Advantage

  • Experts in smart card technology with a deep understanding of what is involved to get a smart card project from A to Z
  • Commitment to ISO, ICAO, and industry conformance to ensure performance and interoperability
  • Extensive partnerships with companies that offer complementary smart card infrastructure components
  • Innovative products and solutions that simplify smart card development
  • Cutting edge technology, sophistication and differentiated quality at a fraction of competitors’ costs
  • Continuous customer support and involvement with evolving card projects

CardLogix manufactures high security and multi-functional ISO compliant smart cards, powered by CardLogix’ own operating systems. CardLogix offers easy-to-use SDKs for programmers, powerful middleware and APIs, a variety of applications software, and innovative solutions that empower integrators and end-users to develop and personalize smart cards with less dependency on programming.