Since 1998, CardLogix has manufactured, programmed and personalized millions of cards from the United States to over 43 countries around the world. Continuously at the forefront of smart card technology, CardLogix demonstrates expertise in secure chip technologies, card operating systems, encoding software, development tools, and middleware.

CardLogix offers an extensive portfolio of in-house smart card programming services from simple scripts for I2C non-volatile memory to Java applets and custom card operating systems. The company has proven success in personalizing and programming smart cards for both foreign and local institutions, including the National Healthcare Cards for the country of Jordan and PIV Java Cards to a number of the U.S. Defense contractors.

Smart Card Programming Services include:

We ensure that your program performs the desired functions securely and reliably. With careful precision, CardLogix’ engineers customize in-house programs to reproduce your script in a secure production environment. Every directory and file within a smart card chip requires sophisticated keys and cryptography to keep your secret information safe. CardLogix treats your program as if it were their own, recommending the strongest protection of your data and assets.

No program is too complex. CardLogix can assist with multi-use, Converged ID Credentials designed for use across multiple government, commercial, or education departments that require unique application functions with unique privacy and permission settings – all using the same card and identity. Each directory containing the facility and cardholder data is secured with a unique key. And for strong identity verification, we recommend using multi-factor authentication with biometrics. This way, only the appointed department or personnel can access the sensitive data or assets to which they are authorized.

Thanks to CardLogix’s years of experience and the expertise of staff, the company does more than manufacture and program smart cards. With the help of strong partnerships around the world, we help you build complete card solutions. We help make your project a reality.

For In-the-Field, Instant Issuance Smart Card Personalization and Encoding Software, see Card Encoding Engine

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