Ed448 or Curve448, also known as Curve448-Goldilocks, is an elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) curve that provides a high level of security for key exchange and digital signatures. It is designed to be secure against a wide range of cryptographic attacks, including those based on quantum computers.

Curve448 is defined over a 448-bit prime field and uses the twisted Edwards form of elliptic curves. It was developed by Mike Hamburg and is based on the underlying mathematics of the elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman (ECDH) key exchange algorithm.

The curve’s security is derived from its large prime field size, which makes it resistant to brute-force attacks and other computational methods. It offers a balance between security and efficiency, making it suitable for a variety of applications, including secure communication protocols, cryptographic libraries, and digital signature schemes.

Curve448 provides key exchange functionality, allowing two parties to establish a shared secret key over an insecure communication channel. This shared secret key can then be used to encrypt and authenticate subsequent communications using symmetric encryption algorithms.

Additionally, Curve448 can be used for digital signatures. It enables the creation of a public-private key pair, where the private key is used to sign messages, and the public key is used to verify the authenticity and integrity of the signed messages.

Curve448 is part of the modern cryptographic algorithms that are widely used today due to their robustness and resistance against various types of attacks.


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