July 14, 2000 — NEC has decided to apply the next-generation high-performance IC card equipped with a multi-application card OS to the employee ID card using the newly developed high-function IC.

NEC distributes new employee ID cards to approximately 40,000 employees, thereby realizing electronic authentication of employees, strengthening the security of the internal network, and promoting the digitization and paperless use of various approval procedures. I will continue.

In addition, in collaboration with Sumitomo Credit Service Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Shigeyoshi Kato), we will add a credit function to the employee ID card and promote multi-functional employee ID cards.

The features of the next-generation high-performance IC card and the outline of its use as an employee ID card are as follows.

1. Next-generation high-performance IC card
Newly developed by NEC Electron Device, the first 32-bit high-performance IC chip with high cryptographic processing performance and abundant memory capacity is adopted in Japan. In addition, JavaCardOS (*) compliant with JavaCardR2.1 is installed as a card OS, and a plurality of services (application functions) using the card can be realized.As a result, services can be added / updated / deleted even after issuance, and a flexible IC card can be used according to needs.

This is the first use of a practical IC card using JavaCardOS.

2. Enhance information security through electronic authentication of employees
By installing a personal digital certificate and private key in the IC chip, strict personal authentication of employees on the network is realized, and unauthorized access to the internal network other than employees is prevented. Create an environment that allows secure access to In addition, by encrypting e-mail, we will strengthen information security and promote speedy and efficient business.In addition, the fingerprint authentication function can be selected and added according to the department and position, and a more robust information security environment can be realized.

In addition, the company’s software “Carassuit” is used to build a personal authentication system.

3. Expanded use as employee ID
A credit card function (Sumitomo VISA Card) will be added in cooperation with Sumitomo Credit Co., Ltd., in addition to the conventional employee ID functions such as entrance / exit management and cashless payments at the company cafeteria / shop.In addition, we will incorporate the LIVEX card function issued by NEC Livex, which is currently in charge of the NEC Group’s welfare services, into the new employee ID card, add cashless payments with partner stores, discount services, and other functions. Proceed.

The new employee ID will be distributed to all 40,000 employees in March next year.

With the rapid spread of the Internet, companies and other organizations can save time and space inside and outside the company through the Web while maintaining high security of information systems, such as prevention of unauthorized entry into information systems and protection of confidential information and privacy. There is a growing demand for the use of information.

Compared to magnetic cards, IC cards have a high level of safety such as tamper resistance (a function that makes it difficult to decode stored information in ICs) and abundant memory capacities. It is the best product for both purposes.

NEC will utilize its know-how of applying IC cards to its employee ID card to provide an employee ID solution as a solution of “iBestSolution / SmartCardGlobe” to customers.

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