WALL, N.J., Aug. 18, 2021 — BIO-key International, Inc. (NASDAQ: BKYI), an innovative provider of civil, workforce and customer identity and access management (IAM) solutions featuring Identity-Bound Biometrics, today announced the availability of BIO-key MobilePOS Pro, a handheld, biometrically-enabled, rugged and powerful Android Point of Sale terminal, incorporating an FBI-certified capacitive fingerprint scanner into an all-in-one form factor featuring a thermal printer, high-resolution 5 megapixel camera, dual SIM 4G/LTE/CDMA/EDGE cellular and 802.11 b/g/n WiFi support, a barcode scanner, NFC scanner, triple-track magnetic stripe reader, long life 5800 mAh battery and large 5.5” touchscreen display. The new device enables self-contained mobile in-person commerce, ideal for banking, social- and aid-workers, healthcare-related transactions, including enrollment, identification, payment transactions, proof of presence/proof of life ID verification for secure, fraud-free transactions, supporting both BIO-key’s fingerprint and contactless PalmPositive identity verification solutions for absolute confidence about exactly who is participating in a transaction.

By adding biometric identity verification capabilities to a state-of-the-art mobile POS terminal, BIO-key MobilePos Pro advances the mobile POS to become part of an identity ecosystem that eliminates identity uncertainty, speeds positive identification and detects and stops fraud losses arising from identity theft.

MobilePOS Pro units are available to ship now and have already been deployed to BIO-key’s customers in Africa. Mobile POS Pro is available in hardware-only configurations or secured by BIO-key PortalGuard and WEB-key IAM IDaaS software solutions. Units may be pre-loaded with custom applications for bulk purchasers. More information on MobilePOS Pro is available at https://www.bio-key.com/hardware/mobilepos-pro/.

“We know that providing a full and complete biometric-ready product line is essential to supporting our customers who engage in mobile POS transactions,” said Michael DePasquale, BIO-key Chairman and CEO. “We see the new model of roving engagement for banking, healthcare, social work and payments as ideal applications for adding the certainty and ease of BIO-key Identity Bound Biometrics and Mobile POS Pro,” continued DePasquale.

More information and detailed specifications for the MobilePOS Pro are available at https://www.bio-key.com/hardware/mobilepos-pro/.

About BIO-key International, Inc. (www.bio-key.com)
BIO-key has over two decades of expertise in providing authentication technology for thousands of organizations and millions of users and is revolutionizing authentication with biometric-centric, multi-factor identity and access management (IAM) solutions, including its PortalGuard IAM solution, that provides convenient and secure access to devices, information, applications, and high-value transactions. BIO-key’s patented software and hardware solutions, with industry leading biometric capabilities, enable large-scale on-premises and Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solutions as well as customized enterprise and cloud solutions.

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