June 21, 2019 — Chainway, a global provider of data collection devices, specializes in research and development, manufacture of handheld and fixed data terminals. Integrated with barcode, RFID and biometrics technology, Chainway has developed its industrial tablet P80. Based on Android 7.1 OS, P80 is equipped with powerful Qualcomm octa-core processor that enables fast and stable processing. And it can be built with rich and comprehensive functional configuration, such as high-efficiency barcode scanning, UHF RFID reading and writing, HF/NFC reading and writing, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, infrared, PSAM, high-definition camera, etc., which can be widely used in various industries like retail inventory, power meter reading, power patrol inspection, road inspection and maintenance, etc. P80 can perfectly meet your needs whatever application you use it for.

The industry-leading Zebra barcode scan engine allows P80 excellent barcode scanning performance and fast scanning speed. No need to maintain a line-of-sight with each code, the user can scan the label and capture data easily. Moreover, P80 can read 1D/2D barcode of various types and conditions, even those that have got old, curved, and defaced after transferred time after time.

P80 delivers robust and flexible UHF reading and writing capabilities. It offers two kinds of UHF configurations, including built-in UHF and external UHF. Both configurations with embedded Impinj R2000 chip bring best-in-class UHF reading and writing performance that enables prime read distance and read range, thereinto the read distance reaches 25m indoors and 10m outdoors. And it also supports multiple operating frequency bands and is compatible with various electronic tags on the market. That makes P80 ideally used in most countries and in all kinds of applications.

Chainway P80 can also be equipped with optional biometrics functions, such as fingerprint reading, iris scanning and facial recognition, which can be deployed in a wide range of applications to perform biometrics information collection, recognition and verification. It supports different fingerprint modules including capacitive and optical fingerprint sensor, allowing accurate and fast fingerprint reading and comparison, and effectively identifying false fingerprints as well to ensure high security. And the high-performance iris scanning technology features fast recognition speed, low misreading rate and extremely-high reliability, which makes P80 to meet the requirements of highly secure identity authentication.

P80 industrial tablet has an 8-inch IPS ultra-high-definition large screen with a display resolution of 1920×1200, which provides users with wider visual experience. The screen made of Corning Gorilla Glass offers excellent damage resistance, providing an extra layer of protection to P80. In addition, with a battery capacity of 8000mAh, P80 has an ultra-long battery life and supports intelligently power saving management of the system. It can easily perform more than 10 hours of continuous work to fully meet the needs of high-intensity work through the day. Besides, the industrial-grade design ensures P80 to be used in a diversity of demanding environments, such as rainy, high-temperature, extremely cold, humid or dusty environments. Its outstanding ruggedness and durability makes P80 a longer service life than ordinary commercial tablets.

Thanks to a wide variety of data acquisition functions and superior performance, P80 can be extensively applied to multiple industries, such as shoe and clothing retail, logistics, warehouse management, power patrol inspection, power meter reading, etc. Chainway P80 helps enterprises improve operational efficiency, reduce labor costs, and enhance the overall competitiveness.


Chainway is specialized in handheld computers, vehicle mounted computers, UHF RFID products, industrial tablets, biometric products as well as software.

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