Green Bit to Showcase a new product family and a brand new fake finger detection software at GIS 2016

Green Bit will present a new product family called DactyID and the new “Fingerprint Anti-spoofing” software feature during Global Identity Summit 2016  taking place at Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, FL, September 19-22.

The brand new DactyID family has been designed having in mind the fast expanding market of digital transactions and added value e-services, such as: Banking, Healthcare, Commerce, etc. Furthermore the offer of reliable, robust and high quality FBI certified products will be a winning factor for a secure registration, identification, authentication of citizens in these market segments

The DactyID20 is the first state-of-art model of this family. It is a compact single-finger (FAP 20 FBI/PIV certification in progress)  livescan, offering a superior built-in patented liveness finger detection system. It is available in two versions: as desktop unit and as OEM version for its integration in third-party systems. It will offer, combined with our DactyMatch SW package, a perfect solution for a Secure Identification.

To improve our biometrics software solutions we will showcase a new MultiScan_SDK add-on: the GBT_FFD-DIEE. This fake-finger detection feature can be used on the flagship Green Bit product DactyScan84c and doesn’t require any physical upgrade or HW modification. The algorithms are capable to “learn” during use, thus improving efficiency over time. This SW package has been developed in collaboration with the Electronic Engineering Department of Cagliari University.

Everyone interested in having a closer look at our new technologies is invited to visit Green Bit at booth 515

About Green Bit

Green Bit Biometric Systems S.p.A., headquartered in Turin (Italy), designs, develops and markets a complete product line of FBI certified fingerprint scanner starting from single finger, rolled, DactyScan84c 10-print up to palm Livescan systems. Green Bit is in the market space since 1997 with a long track record of successful installations worldwide. To date Green Bit is the only 100% European Livescan manufacturer providing a full product portfolio for Value Added applications and the Law Enforcement and Civil ID market.

Green Bit addresses all markets worldwide given our direct presence with subsidiaries in the US, China and Kazakhstan in addition to an expert network of Sales Agents around the globe. Recently Green Bit launched the brand new DactyID family with fingerprint anti-spoofing software feature. The DactyID family has been designed having in mind the fast expanding market of digital transactions and added value e-services, such as: Banking, Healthcare, Commerce, etc. It is a compact single-finger FAP 20 FBI/PIV livescan, offering a built-in patented liveness finger detection system.

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