CardTech/SecurTech 2000, Miami Beach, Fla. – May 2, 2000 – Keyware Technologies, the world’s leading provider of biometric identification solutions today announced an effort to stimulate the development of biometric applications with Sun’s Java Card platform for smart cards. Keyware is a provider of open platform biometric solutions for Sun’s Java Card technology.

We are excited about this announcement from Keyware that gives Java technology developers the opportunity to design and develop biometrics applications for the smart card market,” said Jennifer Yonemitsu, product manager, Java Card Technology. “Because of Java technology’s multi-application functionality and inherent security, Keyware has chosen the Java platform as a means to further enhance and expand the biometrics industry.

Sun’s Java Card platform enables users to combine the multiple forms of data stored on the numerous cards carried in one’s wallet or purse into one, simple smart card application. Instead of carrying three separate credit cards, a bankcard, a medical card and several frequent flyer cards, users will soon be able to carry one card for all of these applications. With multiple applications on a smart card, a higher level of security is needed to protect the information. Biometrics, the technology of identifying an individual by their personal characteristics (fingerprint, face, voice, etc.), is a viable solution for the enhancement of smart card security.

Keyware’s layered biometrics technology provides smart card users with a method of securing access to the multiple forms of information at a level much higher than that of a simple PIN code. By providing a combination of a PIN code and voice, face and/or fingerprints, users will be protected from unauthorized individuals and personal information stored on the card will be secure.

We see Sun’s Java Card technology as enabling the development of innovative applications for biometrics,” said Mik Emmerechts, director of business development, Keyware Technologies. “By adding bio prints to smart cards, consumers are protected against theft of the card since no two people have the same bio prints. Card owners are also protected by carrying their bio prints around with them in their wallet, instead of having them stored on a database. The addition of Java Card Technology to the list of smart card operating systems that we support brings Keyware closer to becoming the de facto standard in the biometric industry.

About Keyware Technologies

Founded in 1996, Keyware Technologies is a pioneer in the field of biometrics, the science of verifying an individual’s identity by means of personal characteristics such as voice, face and fingerprints. Co-headquartered in Belgium and Woburn, Mass., Keyware is the world’s leading provider of intelligent biometric solutions for real-world business applications. The solutions
optimise security and convenience for physical locations, e-commerce, network and telecommunications applications. Keyware’s award-winning technology is sold globally through an extended network of OEMs, system integrators and VARs. For more information, please visit Keyware’s web site at

Keyware Technologies – Booth # 962
CardTech/SecurTech Conference
May 2- 4, 2000
Miami Beach, Florida

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Keyware Technologies
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