CARSON CITY, Nev., June 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via OTC PR WIRE– (OTC Pink:ZICX) –  Zicix Corporation Chairman and CEO William Petty has completed negotiations and successfully acquired smart card technology (also known as “chip” technology) for use in the Company’s Smart Money Card.

When introduced later this year, a main feature of the Smart Money Card will be a Frequent Shopper program. Retailers will have the opportunity to incorporate their Frequent Shopper program in the Zicix Smart Money Card. Shoppers will then receive immediate benefits such as paperless coupons integrated seamlessly at purchase, promotional programs, discounts on merchandise, as well as the gaining and redeeming of loyalty points.

Retail stores gain consumer loyalty and increased sales volume. Additionally, the buying patterns and customer demographics will provide invaluable marketing information to the retail stores.

Currently, Frequent Shopper programs often require multiple cards to deliver full benefits.  Zicix’ Frequent Shopper Card and its universal card approach, plus potential multiple future functions, will include increased data security and storage.  Zicix’s Smart Cards is emerging as a technological leader and promises to deliver shoppers and retailers alike with a complete solution.

In addition, manufacturers will also benefit from Zicix’s Smart Money Card technology, specifically transaction security, audit, and reporting features designed to provide fraud deterrents.  Each Smart Card coupon is individually issued, assigned and tracked.  The system is designed to identify fraudulent redemption attempts prior to coupon reimbursement, by matching each redeemed smart coupon with an actual purchase.

Looking forward, Zicix Corporation is set to integrate the Smart Money technology in the form of the Frequent Shopper program and then as a pre-paid Visa or MasterCard.

About Zicix Corporation (OTCMKTS US:ZICX). Originally founded as a service provider to the Healthcare industry, the Zicix Corporation has recently been restructured with the intention of acquiring and developing technology applications designed for service companies in consumer, retail and other industries.

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