Smart cards in embedded systems are often an unnoticed but vital link in a configuration or security design. The highest volume applications today are in mobile phones (SIM chip) and in satellite TV decoder boxes.

Many types of equipment used in the medical, automation, transportation, communication, and even computer industry rely on the secure data storage only a CardLogix smart card can provide. CardLogix has supplied millions of smart cards to these specialized applications for over 10 years.

Using a smart card in your design to store configuration, machine use parameters, process variables, calibration variables, and interaction history often provides the lowest total cost of ownership.

A smart card can be a user insertable key (e.g. in the Satellite TV decoder), buried in a medical instrument for licensed use control, or deployed as a secure calibration data source in motor vehicle inspection equipment. Other less visible uses similar to mobile phones, where the SIM is embedded inside the equipment, would be found as storage for license keys in rented or leased equipment.

Our sales staff can help designers select the right chip for many applications. We are ready with a wide selection of devices, including customized M2M chips, that may fit your unique idea. We offer many different substrate options for severe environments. If our standard product doesn’t fit, we can customize the card, operating system and/or chip to get your program rolling.