CardLogix offers a wide variety of technologies and products for Vending and Unattended Payment applications. These applications are typically configured as stored value cards, where value is contained in the smart card. If you are building an unattended payment system or are just learning about how each technology should be applied in a system, we recommend that you review our Loyalty & Stored Value Cards white paper.

Vending and Unattended Payment smart cards are used in a wide variety of applications. These include cashless payments at vending machines, gas pumps, laundry washers and dryers, and other unattended systems.

Typical locations for Unattended Payment systems include corporate and academic campuses, gas stations, laundromats, apartment buildings, sports complexes, health and fitness facilities, prisons, cruise lines, and cafeterias.

Many corporate facilities are incorporating both physical access as well as cafeteria and vending payments into their corporate identification cards. This is quite similar to what schools and universities have been doing for many years.

Smart Cards and Software

Millions of CardLogix smart memory, low cost microprocessor, and secure contactless smart card technologies have been used for unattended payment applications. CardLogix provides a complete line of smart cards to meet you exact requirements. From vending machine applications to laundry systems, our cards are empowering many value propositions that are harvesting real rewards—including cost savings—for the card issuer.

By building your system with CardLogix cards and software platforms you can enable your customers’ needs with a cost effective solution.