Dallas, TX, April 9, 2000 – The National Health Insurance Administration Company of Jordan today announced its  roll-out of a smart card-based records program that automates medical and insurance information for its network of providers and patients, utilizing software firm IdealSoft, smart cards from CardLogix and card readers from Innovonics. The initial phase of the program was completed recently when National Health subscribers were issued smart cards.  The program is launching in the capitol of Amman with 400 smart card readers.  The implementation  provides instant and secure information that is vital to quality patient care and prompt claims processing.  The system consists of microprocessor-based M.O.S.T.™ smart cards from CardLogix and PC Pay® readers from Innovonics.  Developer IdealSoft has integrated these key technologies with its own software, eClaim™ to complete the system.  The announcement is being made at the HIMSS tradeshow, where CardLogix is exhibiting at Booth #223.

Doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, laboratories and radiology centers in the Greater Amman area are being issued a PC Pay hybrid smart card and magstripe reader capable of reading the M.O.S.T. Card through an Internet browser.  The healthcare provider is able to examine insurance and medical information for the patient by inserting the provider card and the companion card presented by the patient at the point of care.  Everything from blood type to benefits status can be viewed, updated and stored on the two cards simultaneously, ensuring accurate records and appropriate care.  The cards must be used at the same time, providing patient control and privacy.  Additionally, card data is encrypted to prevent tampering. eClaim is an Oracle-based solution developed by IdealSoft to take advantage of the Internet as a reliable medium to provide doctors with insurance and medical information.

Mr.Sameer Gammoh, General Manager of National Health, commented that this is the first B2B Healthcare program launched in the Middle East.  Gammoh also commented that “The security of the information and authenticity of the transaction are well served using smart cards for both patient and provider.”

National Health, (nathealth.net) founded in 1997 and based in Amman, Jordan, is a leader in Third Party Administration of health claims.  Pioneering the use of smart cards in healthcare for a large number of subscribers, National Health uses the Internet to allow healthcare providers to authenticate subscribers, determine coverage and submit claims.  Claims are processed electronically without further human intervention, giving the service almost unlimited capacity for handling large numbers of claims originating from virtually any point in the world. This gives subscribers flexibility and increases healthcare provider accuracy. National Health is expanding into Saudi Arabia and Kuwait with a potential subscriber base of more than 9.5 million people.

IdealSoft (idealsoft.com.jo) founded in 1990, is a leading software development company in Jordan with offices throughout the Middle East.  Products range from healthcare delivery, health insurance claims processing, military logistic systems, biometric identification/verification and financial systems.  IdealSoft provides its customers in the Middle East with culturally acceptable solutions while integrating state-of-the-art technologies. For more information, contactinfo@idealsoft.com.jo.

Innovonics (innovonics.com) was founded in 1991 to provide innovative online shopping solutions, and has customers in over 45 countries. Innovonics’ customers include many large banks, credit unions, e-commerce companies, computer and software companies, and the U.S. Government.  Innovonics has shipped thousands of PC Pay devices for projects ranging from medical smart card projects, to securely loading electronic cash from a bank, to a smart card via the Internet. For more information, contact Dereck B. Clark, President, (623) 516-1341.

CardLogix (cardlogix.com) was founded in 1994 and manufactures smart cards and software, providing advanced technology platforms for the transaction of data and value.  CardLogix smart cards enable enterprise-wide interoperability, while adding convenience and security to any application. The company sells worldwide to businesses in healthcare, retail, banking and entertainment.  Contact CardLogix at (949) 380-1312 and sales@cardlogix.com.