Barcelona, Spain, February 16, 2009 – CardLogix, a U.S. manufacturer of SIMs and software for mobile telecom, is exhibiting at Booth 2.1A26 at the Mobile World Congress. Solutions partners Nexperts and Charismath- ics are in the booth, featuring demonstrations of leading NFC and PKI applications that work with CardLogix SIMs and enhance the convenience and security of work and play in the mobile environment.

CardLogix is featuring SIM cards with Delos™ and Java Card Operating Systems. Also featured are development tools for mobile applications, including Geode™ and Virtuosimo™.

Nexperts Near Field Communication (NFC) solution, Smart Poster, downloads coupons, tickets, and data directly from an NFC-tagged poster. Smart Poster simplifies and expands web access for an NFC- enabled mobile phone. Users simply touch the phone to the poster for access to a wide variety of private and public information and services. This interactive technology instantly engages users and creates unlimited marketing potential for mobile environments.

Charismathics iEnigma©. provides an easy to use, flexible identity and security solution for mobile PDA cellphones, by leveraging the functionality of a smart card to store and transmit encrypted data. iEnigma makes it easy to integrate two-factor authentication into mobile communications, allowing users to utilize digital signatures to sign documents and protect their identity.

About Charismathics

Founded in 2004, Charismathics is a global leader in supplying IT security components and identity man- agement software to integrators, software and hardware vendors, and service providers. For more information, visit

About Nexperts

Nexperts is a solutions provider using NFC and mobile phones for tracing and tracking, mobile marketing, mobile payment, mobile ticketing, and couponing. For more information, visit

About CardLogix

Founded in 1994, CardLogix manufactures SIMs and software for mobile telecom, as well as smart cards for Secure Identity, Healthcare and Loyalty applications, worldwide. The company’s word class design-to- delivery capabilities include printing, lamination, embedding, and personalization. Working with leading Sales Agents and Solutions Providers around the world, CardLogix is a ISO 9001 quality manufacturer of smart cards for leading solutions in mobile work and play. For more information, visit