Irvine, CA, May 10, 1999 – CardLogix, a leading U.S. manufacturer of smart cards, today announced a major upgrade for the development and application software that powers its line of smart cards. Smart Toolz® Application Development Kit (SDK) is the world’s most complete solution for the creation of a smart card system. The kit enables users to develop a card application – for example stored value – and integrate it into their computing environment. The Smart Toolz upgrades consist of improvements to CardAppz™ Application Software, Cardplex™ Application Programming Interface (API) and M.O.S.T. Toolz® SDK for file creation in microprocessor smart cards. These upgrades include:

  • Expanded programming Environment Support – Enables smart card development within the your preferred development environment. With the Cardplex API you can now work with Visual Basic V5.0 and above, C++ and Delphi. CardLogix provides direct syntactical calls and programming examples for each environment.
  • Wider Choice Of Smart Card Readers –Through CardLogix’ new Omniplex™ API, reader support now includes Axiohm, Towitoko, KDE and Litronic. Additional readers will be added soon. CardLogix’ original Cardplex API now features increased functionality, with support for up to eight readers from a single PC.

CardLogix Upgrades Smart Card Software

Microprocessor-based M.O.S.T. cards now ship with a Smart Card Service Provider (SCSP) designed to support the standard Microsoft Smart Card Interface, in addition to the support already provided by the Cardplex and Omniplex APIs for many microprocessor and memory smart cards. These additions greatly expand the compatibility of CardLogix smart cards with numerous readers, for applications ranging from retail P.O.S. to rental car check-in.

Added Security – Through Cardplex and CardAppz, there is now DES and Triple DES capability for both host and card-initiated transactions. Also available with the M.O.S.T Card Family: Dynamic DES Sessioning for high-exposure transactions, such as dispensing tickets via the Internet.

More User-Ready Card Applications – Two pre-formatted applications have been added: Loyalty and a Campus Card.

Greater Ease Of Use For CardAppz – with a more intuitive, web-like interface that includes helpful start-up tips.

Enhanced Transaction Speed – Cuts communications time between card and reader via Negotiated PTS Mode with Axiohm Readers. CardLogix also groups reader commands for greater transaction speed.

Price and Delivery

All upgrades for Smart Toolz, which includes CardAppz, Cardplex and Omniplex, are currently shipping free of charge to registered users. For new users, Smart Toolz sells for $299. M.O.S.T. Toolz is provided as an add-on to Smart Toolz for $99. To order or for more information, contact CardLogix at (949) 380-1312 and

About CardLogix

CardLogix Corporation was founded in 1994 to develop and manufacture smart cards and software for the emerging U.S. Market. CardLogix is a leading smart card manufacturer and provides solutions for integrating smart cards into computing and transaction systems throughout the world. CardLogix provides these solutions for Health Informatics, Entertainment, Banking, Security, Internet and Retail applications through Smart Partner integrators and distributors. Contact CardLogix at 16 Hughes, Irvine, CA. 92618, and