Irvine, CA, March 7, 2000 – CardLogix, a leading manufacturer of smart cards, announced today that North American Cinemas, Inc. (NACI) of Santa Rosa, California is launching a stored value ticketing and loyalty program based upon the CardLogix Movie Gold™ smart card payment platform.  NACI operates the Roxy Stadium 14  and is premiering the Roxy Movie Card  this month for customers at its theater complex located in Santa Rosa.  The card stores value for use instead of cash for the purchase of movie tickets and concessions at the theater.

The Roxy Movie Card can be used at the box-office counter or at an automated kiosk, both located at the complex.  At the kiosk, customers simply insert the card, select the movie and show time they prefer and take their tickets.  The card automatically deducts the transaction from the stored value balance.  Roxy customers can avoid long lines at the box-office and purchase tickets without cash.

The card builds loyalty for the theater, since customers return to spend and refill balances.  It is the centerpiece of a tourism campaign called the Santa Rosa Downtown Theater Experience, developed by NACI to reward visitors who patronize the complex as well as the majority of nearby shops, restaurants and other businesses in Santa Rosa.

It is anticipated that over 1.5 million people will patronize the theater over the next year. “Smart card technology was really the catalyst for our program”, comments Dan Tocchini, president of NACI.  Smart cards uniquely automate and enhance the customer’s experience and make it technically possible to gather customer and purchase data for multiple businesses.  Customers benefit from repeat visits and businesses benefit from a unified approach to marketing and service”.

The Roxy Movie Card is enabled by software and hardware from Electronic Creations, Inc. of San Diego, a leading provider of  P.O.S. ticketing solutions.   ECI integrates the movie theatre kiosks, card readers and printers with a P.O.S. solution that provides an interactive user screen and keeps track of ticket and concession sales.  In addition to ticketing at the theatre, the Roxy Movie Card system is designed to handle Internet reservations and purchases as part of a total online movie experience.

“The Roxy Movie Card is transforming movie going into a highly personalized experience” said Bruce Ross, VP Marketing For CardLogix.  In addition to the obvious customer benefits, the card builds loyalty, sets the theater apart from the competition and boosts revenue with interest earned on the card’s stored value”.

CardLogix was founded in 1994 and manufactures smart cards and software, providing advanced technology platforms for the transaction of value and data.  Contact CardLogix at (949) 380-1312 or and at 16 Hughes, Irvine, California, 92618 or

North American Cinemas, Inc. (NACI) founded by Dan Tocchini in 1972, designs, builds and operates movie theatres.  NACI provides a diverse range of  on-site and Internet theatre and concession services and operates 121 screens in the U.S. and Russia.  Dan’s involvement in the movie business stems from his father, who built in 1926 the first theatre in Santa Rosa.  The elder Tocchini also owned the old Roxy Theatre in Santa Rosa (now torn down).  Contact NACI at (707) 523-1586 and