JCOS Java Card 40K Dual-Interface

JCOS Java Card 40K Dual-Interface

  • Infineon SLE 77 SOLIDFLASH™
  • Dual-Interface contact and contactless
  • Built on Java Card 2.2.1 Platform
  • GlobalPlatform 2.1.1
  • 40K Byte Memory capacity
  • Random / CheckSum / Signature / ECC
  • DES / RSA / ECC / MD5 / SHA-1


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The Dual-Interface JCOS is based on the Java Card platform 2.2.1 and is intended for use in a wide range of smart card solutions. The Java Card platform is an ideal solution for customers looking for a trusted and versatile card operating system. Java programming tools provide a fast and reliable way to develop new smart card solutions. Application development can be done using the GP 2.1.1 Development Kit which is free to download from GlobalPlatform.org.

To ensure the security of JCOS, it has been implemented on Infineon’s Integrity Guard and SOLIDFLASH™ technology. JCOS supports four leading encryption algorithms giving developers the tools to meet their security requirements.

The JCOS uses innovative dual-interface Coil-on-Module (CoM) packaging technology from Infineon uses a radio frequency link instead of the mechanical/electrical connection typically used between the card antenna and the module. This improves the robustness and long-term reliability of dual-interface (DIF) payment cards as well as ID documents and simplifies card design, manufacturing and logistics, making these processes more efficient and up to five times faster than with conventional technologies.

JCOS is available for both contactless and dual interface smart cards. This assures maximum flexibility for reader compatibility, especially on public transport and ID card projects which often require a contactless interface.


Combining the advantages of flash with Infineon’s unique high security expertise!

Flexibility in Development leads to:
• Fast prototyping and learning cycles through immediate availability of hardware samples
• Improved time-to-market

Security Concept of SOLID FLASH™ Architectural Security:
• Memory encryption
• Memory management
• Fault detection

Functional Security:
• Secure mask transfer
• Secure download
• Locking mechanism

Infineon’s Flash-based products have been used in many critical Automotive applications (e.g. Airbag, Braking) for years. Combining this experience with its high security expertise, Infineon developed the SOLID FLASH™ concept, which offers the required reliability and security needed even for high security Smart Card applications like Payment, Government ID, Transport, Pay-TV and high-end Mobile Communication.


• Transport and ticketing, granting pre-paid access to a transport system like the metro and bus lines of a city.

• Electronic passports (E-Passport) and identity cards.

• Secure information storage, like health records (EMR), or health insurance cards. • Loyalty programs, like the ―Frequent Flyer – points awarded by airlines. Points are added and deleted from the card memory in accordance with program rules. The total value of these points may be quite high and they must be protected against improper alteration in the same way that currency value is protected.


Infineon Platform SLE 77CLFX2400P
Platform JavaCard Ver.: 2.2.1
GlobalPlatform Ver.: 2.1.1
Ambient Temperature min  max -25.0 °C 85.0 °C
Security Random/CheckSum/Signature/ECC
Cipher: DES / RSA / ECC / MD5 / SHA-1
CPU 16-bit Security Cryptocontroller
Certifications Common criteria EAL5+ high, EMVCo
Interfaces ISO 7816, ISO 14443
Leading Technologies SOLID FLASH™
RAM 6.0 kByte
Typical applications EMV DDA, EMV CDA, ePurse, Loyalty, Global Platform / Java

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