SCM SCR3320 SIM/SAM USB Dongle (Discontinued)

SCM SCR3320 SIM/SAM USB Dongle (Discontinued)

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• Compact and lightweight dongle form-factor card reader
• Accepts cards in ID-000 (SIM sized) format
• In field firmware updates
• Compliant with all major smart cards and relevant industry standards
• Customization options: Casing color and company logo OEM branding
• Software and functionality compatible with SCM´s SCR33xx reader family


The compact SCR3320 reads and writes all ISO 7816 compliant contact smart cards in SIM/SAM ID-000 format.

The reader supports a variety of applications. Plugged in into any free USB port it is ideally suited for applications in the IT and data security domain such as secure network logon and email encryption, digital signature. It can also be used for managing SIM card content via PC applications.

Due to its compact design the SCR3320 is ideally suited as a mobile reader device which easily fits into the users pocket, or can be attached to a key ring.

The reader is ISO 7816 compliant and allows in-field firmware updates.

Support & Downloads

SCM SCR3320 Product Information Sheet