Since 1998, CardLogix has developed award-winning smart card software applications for customers around the world. CardLogix empowers developers, systems integrators, and end users with building blocks that supplement and accelerate smart card system deployments. Whether you plan to build your own software application or leverage an existing solution, CardLogix has the product or service that’s right for you. With a full suite of advanced development tools and SDKs, developers can build their own software applications with ease. Although, why reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to? CardLogix and partners may already have the solution you need. Discuss your needs with one of our professional sales consultants.

CardLogix Software for Trusted Identity Management, Secure Transactions, and Protected Data and Assets

CardLogix software applications leverage contact and contactless (NFC/RFID) smart card technology, key logic, and biometrics to verify identity, secure transactions, and protect confidential information and assets within tamper-proof and hacker-proof silicon. CardLogix software solutions are available in baseline, full-featured, and fully custom versions. Our software can be customized to meet unique requirements with modifications to your smart card file structure, and if necessary, to the smart card operating system. The following solutions by CardLogix are available today in standard off-shelf and custom versions:

FastCheck Android smart card validation software  FastCheck™ – For Remote Mobile Enrollment/Registration

FastCheck Android smart card validation software  FastCheck™ – For Mobile and Desktop ID Card Authentication

FastCheck Android smart card validation software  FastCheck™ – For Mobile and Desktop Identity Verification

FastCheck Android smart card validation software  FastCheck™ – For Mobile Display of Secured Cardholder Information (E.g. Medical Records)

  BIOSID™  Tablet – For Mobile, Multi-Modal Biometric Identity Verification

BIOSID™  Tablet – For Mobile, Multi-Modal Biometric Registration/Enrollment

  PASSCheck™  – For ePassport and MRTD Validation at Border Crosssings

   PASSCheck™  – For ePassport Lodging and Hospitality Management

Card Encoding Engine - Smart card encoding and printing software logo   Card Encoding Engine™ (CEE) – For Instant Smart Card Personalization, Encoding, and Issuance

  IDBX™  – For Instant Biometric Smart Card Issuance

  idblox® ID Ecosystem – Building Blocks for Rapid ID System Deployments

M.O.S.T. OS   – Microprocessor Smart Card Operating System

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