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CardLogix is a leading provider of memory and microprocessor smart cards, middleware and hardware and software development tools for a variety of applications.

To review our wide variety of solutions, go to the Card Selection Guide for a list of standard products. We can tailor our solutions to fit your exact needs. Go to Card Options to review your choices for custom designs. For even greater product customization, please go to Engineering Services for additional design assistance. If you would like a quotation and/or additional information, please go to the Card Inquiry Form and tell us more about your business and applications.

Health Data Card Family
Featuring capacities from 1K Bit to 8 Megabits, the Health Data Card Family is designed to be an integral part of a health informatics system. The cards can store patient facts critical to emergency care and securely access larger files with more extensive histories drawn from remote networks. CardLogix Middleware System Software is included with minimum orders and provides for easy application integration with existing legacy systems. Get compliant with the newest HIPAA regulations with cards and software from CardLogix.

M.O.S.T. Card Family
The M.O.S.T. Card Family from CardLogix has remarkable data processing capabilities. These cards feature powerful 8, 16, 32 - bit CMOS microcontrollers with the CardLogix Operating System fused into the chip. The file system in the M.O.S.T. Card Family has a tree structure and can be compared with the file structures of a PC . Like a PC, the operating system lets you create and delete files. Unlike a PC, each file can be set-up with a password and/or an authentication routine. The M.O.S.T. Cards employ a secure hash algorithm that conforms to N.I.S.T. FIPs 140 standards.
The operating system command set is further enhanced by the use of the Cardplex Application Program Interface (API). CardLogix focuses on software and hardware solutions designed to make multi-application card system implementation practical with a low degree of risk. The M.O.S.T. Card Family uses asynchronous protocols that conform to ISO 7816-3 T=0 and T=1 standards and its Operating System is compatible with the PC/SC specifications from Microsoft. The M.O.S.T. Card Family is supported by the M.O.S.T. Card File Creation Utility.

Casino Magic Card
CardLogix's Cashless Gaming casino smart card acts as a closed monetary instrument for monetary exchange. This microprocessor-based card is loaded and unloaded through custom software protocols and customized cryptology. It is designed to enhance customer loyalty with one casino or chain of casinos. The card can also be used for interactive player benefits such as additional slot machine pulls, free drinks, complimentary rooms, etc.

Movie Gold Card
CardLogix's Movie Gold Card is a smart card that acts as a closed monetary system for automating theater ticket purchases. To encourage more frequent visits, and greater spending, the card can include other incentives, such as theater food discounts and co-branded video and other retail products. 

Loyalty - Gift Certificate Card & API
The Loyalty Points Card is the foundation of an effective program that rewards loyal customers and keeps them coming back.
Instead of losing receipts and punch cards, customers use this convenient card as they purchase restaurant or retail products and services. They earn credit for free items, discounts and special offers. You can track their visits and buying preferences, then tailor your customer’s credit to their unique tastes. The CardLogix Loyalty Card can also tie-in your promotions with other business partners, so your customer gets credit at other places she likes to eat and shop.

 CryptoVend Card
The CardLogix CryptoVend card offers high security at a low cost for stored value applications such as public telephones, copy/PC centers, laundromats and other vending. The card stores, deducts and replenishes value for high-volume transactions that require solid security to prevent fraudulent use of the card.

This low-cost smart card can substantially decrease theft and fraud associated with coin and cash. It improves on conventional magnetic-stripe cards by incorporating processing power as well as greater security.

The CryptoVend card features Symmetric Key Processing cryptography that exactly matches issuer and user 'keys' to allow authorized use of the card.




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