Cortex-M3 processor-based CPU features advanced security features and energy efficiency

CAMBRIDGE, UK – Nov. 13, 2007 –ARM [(LSE:ARM); (Nasdaq:ARMHY)] today announced at CARTES & IDentification 2007 in Paris, France, the availability of the ARM® SecurCore® SC300™ processor, designed specifically for contactless and USB smart cards and embedded security applications. The new product, based upon the popular Cortex™-M3 processor, combines the proven security features of ARM SecurCore processors, currently the most widely-licensed 32-bit RISC CPU for smart cards worldwide, with the code efficiency of the Thumb®-2 instruction set architecture, doubling energy efficiency and performance.

With collaboration from three tier one contactless IC vendors, the SecurCore SC300 processor will enable more functionality to be embedded in a smart card or SIM card than ever before, with minimal additional silicon area. In addition, the SC300 processor features fast real-time handling of multiple interfaces for new high-speed and contactless applications, including Smart Card Web Server (SWCS) and Near Field Communication (NFC).

“From credit cards and electronic wallets, to mobile phone SIM cards, e-passports and identity cards, smart cards have become a ubiquitous part of our daily lives,” said Ian Drew, vice president, segment marketing, ARM. “As smart cards are required to support more complex applications and security features, the market will continue to shift from 8-bit to 32-bit processors. The SecurCore SC300 processor provides great system performance with very low power consumption, and vastly simplifies the migration to 32-bit smart card platforms through a familiar programming environment.”

SIM cards, identification projects and payment are the current drivers of the smart card markets in all regions. The demand for smart cards is also escalating due to demand from increasingly security-conscious government and enterprises,” said Anoop Ubhey, global program director, smart cards, Frost & Sullivan. “Secure 32-bit platforms such as the ARM SecurCore SC300 processor are essential in enabling the growing level of sophistication in smart cards.”

The SecurCore SC300 processor offers fully featured debug facilities and tools to help smart card OEMs speed software development. Further, smart card emulation is available prior to silicon, enabling collaboration in the early stages of hardware and software development, and accelerating time-to-market.

The ARM Cortex-M3 processor, which forms the foundation of the SecurCore SC300 processor, was specifically developed to target the low-cost requirements of a broad range of markets and applications where memory and processor size significantly impact device costs. The Cortex-M3 processor brings together multiple technologies to reduce memory size while delivering industry-leading performance in a small power efficient RISC core and delivers an ideal platform to accelerate the migration of thousands of applications around the globe from legacy components to 32-bit microcontrollers.

This assures full compatibility with other ARM processors as well as direct and immediate support from the ARM RealView® Microcontroller Development Kit which is ideal for developing the firmware that will run on smart cards.   Additional information on the ARM SecurCore SC300 processor is available at:

The ARM SecurCore SC300 processor is available for licensing now, along with supporting technology.

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ARM designs the technology that lies at the heart of advanced digital products, from wireless, networking and consumer entertainment solutions to imaging, automotive, security and storage devices. ARM’s comprehensive product offering includes 16/32-bit RISC microprocessors, data engines, graphics processors, digital libraries, embedded memories, peripherals, software and development tools, as well as analog functions and high-speed connectivity products. Combined with the company’s broad Partner community, they provide a total system solution that offers a fast, reliable path to market for leading electronics companies. More information on ARM is available at


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Quote Sheet:

“By applying the ARM SecurCore SC300 processor to its new line-up of innovative smart card IC solutions, Samsung expects to deliver more exciting products to market,” said Dr. ChilHee Chung, senior vice president, System LSI Division, Samsung Electronics. “Samsung’s high-performance ARM-based smart card solutions are designed to significantly reduce time to market for our customers in introducing new smart card applications.”

“As a leader in security and identification and co-inventor of the Near Field Communication, NXP is driving many high-profile contactless projects around the world. As this technology gains increased significance, improved levels of security are becoming mandatory for mobile applications. We are looking forward to integrating the ARM SecurCore SC300 platform with its enhanced security features and advanced performance to power-consumption ratio, as NXP believes it will emerge as an industry standard for 32bit smart card technology,” Henri Ardevol, general manager smart cards, NXP Semiconductors.

“STMicroelectronics, pioneer in promoting security certified 32-bit smartcard solutions, has supported the definition of the highly secured SecurCore SC300 processor,” said Marie France Florentin, worldwide sales and marketing director for smartcard IC’s business, STMicroelectronics.  “ST will address tomorrow’s applications demand by combining high performance and low power 32bit processing with the most advanced embedded Flash technology.”

“Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) welcomes the availability of the SecurCore SC300 processor as a high performance, highly-effective open hardware architecture to support further SIM innovations with larger memories and future protocols,” said Oliver Richter, head of product and project management at G&D’s telecommunications division. “ARM and its Partners have demonstrated the success of an open architecture business model in cost-sensitive, high-volume applications, which I am keen to see repeated in the SIM through silicon manufacturers focusing their support on ARM technology-based designs.”

“SiVenture welcomes the addition of the SecurCore SC300 processor to the ARM SecurCore family of smart card processors and works closely with ARM to ensure that the process of final device certification is as smooth as possible,” said Simon Milford, Head of SiVenture, the UK’s only hardware and software evaluation laboratory.  “The industry’s move from proprietary to open smart card processor architectures is a process that SiVenture supports and we are committed to providing evaluation and certification services on the next generation of smart card products.”

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