Taglio PIVKey™ C910 Certificate Based PKI Smart Card for Authentication and Identification

Taglio PIVKey™ C910 Certificate Based PKI Smart Card for Authentication and Identification

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  • PIVKey cards and tokens are ideal for enterprise applications such as PC Logon, Digital Signatures, Email and File encryption, HTTPS and SSH authentication
  • No PIV specific clinets or card management system (CMS) required
  • Secure low cost 2-factor authentication solution
  • Supported by Windows In-Box PIV Driver
  • Supports all 4 PIV defined certificates and 16 additional certificates
  • Supports Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and Android


Taglio’s PIVKey™ 910 is a certificate based security PKI dual-interface smart card supports both Contact (ISO 7816) and Contactless (ISO 14443) readers to let you securely store and use X509 digital certificates and associated cryptographic keys, offering high quality certificate based security. Digital certificates support PKI (Public-Key Infrastructure) applications like 2FA logon to Windows, email and Document Signing, Encryption and remote logon using VPN, RDP or HTTPS.

WINDOWS COMPATIBLE – Issue Digital Certificates directly to the PIVKey Smart Card using the Standard Windows Certification Authority (CA) Enrollment processes and the PIVKey Windows Compatible Minidriver. Or, for simplified end-user deployments, configure PIVKey centrally, and use the in-box Windows PIV Driver for a complete Plug And Play (PnP) experience for the end-user.

CERTIFICATES – PIVKey supports all 4 PIV defined certificates, including: PIV Authentication (9A Key), Digital Signature (9C Key), Key Management (9D Key) Card Authentication (9E Key). In addition, PIVKey supports up to 16 additional certificates on Windows using the PIVKey Minidriver.

PIV COMPATIBLE – Compatible with a wide range of Personal Identity Verification applications and platforms. Supports the US PIV Smart Card Standard, part of the FIPS 201/HSPD-12 Federal Security initiative. PIVKey implements NIST SP 800-73 Part 3, the PIV Card Command Interface. Support for PIV is provided by a wide range of applications and middleware for Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, iOS, VMware and Citrix.

FEATURES – PIVKey is provided with a single device certificate for testing, and for simple applications. Additional certificates can be loaded onto the PIVKey using the PIVKey Windows Minidriver and Admin tools, which are freely available from the PIVKey.com website. You can also use freely available tools to load certificates onto the PIVKey from other CAs, or even self signed certificates.

HIGH SECURITY – All PIVKey devices are based on dedicated chip card security processors, designed to be physically and logically tamper resistant. PIVKey supports on-board key generation, cryptography, random number generation and enforces PIN based two-factor authentication (2FA). Security Chip and OS validated to U.S. government security standard FIPS 140-2, Level 3.

HARDWARE – RSA Cryptography Key Size 1024/2048 JavaCard 2.1 Chip and OS are FIPS 140-2 Validated.

CUSTOMIZABLE – Printable white PVC allows you to customize smart card as an ID badge, by printing on standard ID Printers. These smart cards fit with standard smart card holder lanyard.

Additionally, Taglio provides support for a variety of smart card management systems such as Versasec vSEC and certificate authorities.


PIVKey 910 Series Technical Specifications
Support Operating Systems (Computer Side) Windows In-Box PIV Driver (Read Only) and PIVkey Windows Minidriver (Read/Write): Windows Vista, 7, 8, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012.
Mac OSX, Linux and Android (Read Only – Middleware Required)
Smart Card Standards ISO/IEC 7810 (for the physical characteristics), ISO/IEC 7816 compatible, ISO/IEC 14443 for high frequency
Supported Specifications PIV (Personal Identity Verification), Microsoft Smart Card Minidriver, Java Card, and Global Platform
Processor NXP SmartMX™ with PKI crypto processor
Memory • Up to 20 key slots (RSA 2048)
• 80 KB total EEPROM
• 32 KB PKI data (certificates and keys)
• Data retention time: 25 years
• Endurance: 500,000 cycles minimum
Certifications RSA 1024/2048 with CRT parameter for private key operations
PIN/Key Policies • User PIN length minimum/maximum
• User PIN retry maximum
• Admin key retry maximum
Security Secure chip accredited to Common Criteria EAL5+
Part Numbers
Taglio PK-C910
International UPC: 646791456468, 640864510149
EAN: 0646791456468, 0640864510149
Magnetic Stripe 2Trk, 3Trk, LoCo and HiCo
Custom Printing Die-sub lamination, Retransfer, Inkjet or Lithographic
  • Badge slot punch
  • SIM Punched (2FF, 3FF, or 4FF)