LEESBURG, VA — 09/04/07 — Catcher Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: CTHH) (www.catcherinc.com) today announced it has filed important amendments to its provisional patents for digital video and
image watermarking.

The Company’s provisional patent protects an important proprietary methodology for embedding GPS data such as time of day, date, location, and other information into still- and video-based images, answering the key questions of “when and where” the data was collected. The amendments significantly expand the scope of the provisional patent to include authentication of virtually any type of file with a digital watermark. Applications range from military, police and security biometric files to consumer-related MP3 downloads.

The Company is already seeing demand for their technology in authenticating live video recording and in the fast growing biometric identification industry providing identifying information to fingerprint, iris and retina scan, and facial recognition files. Additionally, the watermarking method may prove especially useful to the entertainment industry, ensuring music, video and films can be properly identified as copyrighted. This newly protected intellectual property owned by Catcher Holdings, Inc. may provide the solution for authenticity in a world driven by electronic media.

Specifically protected under the current provisional patent is the company’s method of inserting such information directly into the string of digital bits that ultimately comprise the still or video image. With this method, the insertion of the watermark data is invisible to the human eye as it does not block or alter the actual image in any manner. This differs significantly from the vast majority of other digital watermarking technologies which involve watermarking images that are layered over the actual image, which may block or alter the actual image itself.

Digital watermarks confirm the exact time and location a particular image was recorded and reveals whether media has been altered in any manner. As electronic media expands in scope the process of digital watermarking has become critical. The provisional digital watermarking patent amendments being announced today may significantly enhance the value of Catcher Holdings, Inc. intellectual property portfolio.

Robert H. Turner, CEO of Catcher Holdings, Inc., explains, “We believe our digital watermarking technology can be especially useful in identifying protected images and ensuring compliance with copyright regulations. By inserting identifying information into the data stream of any data file, the ownership of the information within that file can be easily determined. We believe that this technology will have wide reaching impact for every company concerned with digital rights management and is a valuable asset for Catcher Holdings, Inc.”

About Catcher Holdings, Inc.

Catcher Holdings, Inc.’s wholly owned subsidiary, Catcher, Inc., is the developer of the CATCHER(TM) device. The CATCHER(TM) device is the culmination of new technology breakthroughs, extensive research and product development that the Company believes will meet the needs of many government agencies and commercial entities for a ruggedized, portable, handheld computer, communications and telemetry control device. The unit was designed and engineered to provide field personnel and “First Responders” access to mission-critical information in the form of wireless or wired, real-time bi-directional voice, video, text, telemetry and data-enabling command center personnel to remotely view an incident or job site. The device weighs just 5.8 lbs. when equipped with two batteries that can last up to 8 hours, and, without the batteries, weighs 3.8 lbs. The CATCHER(TM) device is 10 inches wide, 7.25 inches tall, 2.25 inches deep, with a sunlight-viewable 6.4-inch diagonal VGA LCD backlit touch screen. Photographs and detailed descriptions of the new CATCHER(TM) device are available on the company’s website at http://www.catcherinc.com.

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