May 13, 2019 — Chainway, a global provider of data collection products and solutions, recently launched C66, a new industrial-grade handheld computer. With compact and ergonomic design, this device features overall improvement on configuration and capability like larger screen, removable battery and optional UHF.

C66 delivers abundant data collection options such as barcode scanning, RFID and NFC, etc. Configured with industry-leading barcode engine, it can realize lightning-fast decoding for almost all kinds of 1D/2D barcodes with high accuracy, even those dirty, damaged and poorly-printed codes. It also provides optional pistol grip with easy-to-hold design to enables extra power supply. It supports several UHF reading and writing modes. For example, C66 itself can become a handheld UHF RFID reader When integrated with UHF module and pistol grip. With the deployment of UHF module with Impinj Indy R2000 chip, it brings best-in-class UHF RFID performance that enables read range of 25m indoors and 10m outdoors. In addition, C66 can be attached to Chainway R6 UHF sled reader for a complete one-piece solution. The workers can easily slip C66 into R6 to perform outstanding RFID reading and writing. And whenever only barcode scanning is needed, C66 can be detached quickly to return be a lightweight handheld computer. Due to its flexible functional extensibility, C66 can even be customized to enable some other functions that meet special requirements.

This mobile computer deploys 5.45-inch IPS display that perfectly presents all significant information, so that the workers can easily take a broader view of data at a glance. The same as Chainway’s other handheld computers, C66 is built with superb ergonomics and industrial-grade design. The design of host not only brings comfort but also durability and ruggedness that resists splashing liquid and dust, as well as falling down from a height. The deployment of Corning Gorilla Glass delivers damage resistance to the scratches and drops. C66 is built for almost any applications, even those with harsh environments.

Chainway C66 is integrated with Qualcomm Octa-core processor for stable and high-speed processing power. The host is configured with 4300mAh removable battery that supports QC3.0 quick charge. Meanwhile, it offers optional pistol grip with 5200mAh battery to even reach the maximum battery power of 9500mAh, which comes with a guarantee that almost any applications can be fluently performed with ease, even intensive and heavy-loaded tasks.

The multiple functions and excellent performance allows C66 ideally applied to various sectors such as logistics, warehouse, manufacturing, retail, asset tracking, etc., which largely helps enterprises to enhance working efficiency, boost productivity and reduce operational cost.

About Chainway

Chainway is a leading “Internet of Things” company in China, Shenzhen Chainway Information Technology Co., Ltd is a professional provider of products and solutions of RFID, barcode and biometrics technologies and biometric handhelds. We are dedicated to helping clients of all industries enhance efficiency, maximize productivity and reduce operational cost.


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