Leiden (NL) 7 November, 2006 – Collis to acquire Aspects Tools Ltd. This acquisition will see Collis broaden and strengthen its offering of testing solutions to the GSM and 3G technology markets. Collis and Aspects Tools look forward to providing a more integrated and comprehensive solution required by the customers in the industry.

A headline agreement between Collis and Aspects Tools has been signed and all formalities are expected to be completed by end of November 2006. Collis and Aspects Tools will continue to operate as seperate companies and Aspects Tools will operate as a subsidiary of Collis Holdings. Collis and Aspects Tools have over 10 years of experience in products and services for the EMV and e-ID markets as well as the GSM and 3G technology markets. The aquisition will strengthen the Collis/Aspects products and services offering to industries world wide and will enable an even more comprehensive response to customer needs.

As a result of this aquisition, the Collis/Aspects Tools Company will have the following Competence Centres:

EMV Competence Centre (Collis)

The Collis EMV Competence Centre is leading the global market in EMV consulting services, training courses and testing tools. Solutions are offered for all parties involved in an EMV based payment scheme. Collis guarantees success in EMV, from certification projects and chip migration, to project management and more.

e-ID Competence Centre (Collis)

The Collis e-Identification (e-ID) Competence Centre sets the standards when it comes to electronic identification solutions. The e-ID Competence Centre offers a range of e-ID solutions for e-Passports, National ID cards and employee cards to issuing authorities, personalisation bureaus and vendors globally. Collis offers integrated e-ID testing tools & consulting services to ensure correct functionality and interoperability.

Mobile Competence Centre (Collis/Aspects)

The Collis/Aspects Mobile Competence Centre services the GSM and 3G technology markets. The Mobile Competence Centre offers specialised testing tools and consulting services for all parties involved in testing communications between a GSM/3G handset and SIM/USIM card including network operators, handset manufacturers, card vendors and test laboratories. Products and services on offer from the Mobile Competence Centre ensures significant time and cost savings.

Dirk Jan van den Heuvel, CEO of Collis: “We are extremely pleased that we will be acquiring Aspects Tools Limited. Collis has been globally active in the Mobile markets and with Aspects Tools on board it will greatly broaden and strengthen the products and services offering to the GSM and 3G technology markets. We look forward to continue to provide exciting and well integrated products and solutions to the industry. ”

Didier Sérodon, CEO of Aspects Software Limited: “Collis represents a great opportunity for Aspects to maintain and extend its leadership in the mobile market testing environment. Aspects’ name, reputation, and product range, together with Collis name, reputation, products and services creates now a uniquely featured player in the test and compliance market.”

Rick Hsu, Managing Director of Collis Asia: “Collis in the Asia Pacific Region is very active in the mobile technology markets and has been working with the leading players in the industry. With Aspects Tools on board, Collis will be able to offer a wide, comprehensive range of mobile testing tools and consulting services to the GSM and 3G technology markets in the AP region.”

Chris Garvie, Head of Sales & Marketing for Aspects Software Limited: “The combination of Collis’s and Aspects knowledge and experience of e-ID, EMV, GSM and 3G will provide a significantly enhanced experience for the whole Groups customers. We look forward to working together to deliver solutions suitable for the challenges facing the industry.”

About Collis

Collis is the leading global competence centre in the design and testing of card transaction systems. Collis has delivered significant contributions to the EMV and e-Identification markets for over a decade. Unparalleled Consulting Services, best available, high quality Testing Tools and expert Training Courses from Collis’ e-Business, Quality Assurance and Testing business units are at your service. Collis enjoys official recognition of credit card payment associations (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, and others as well as EMVCo), and is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. For more information visit: www.collis.nl

About Aspects Software

Aspects Software (www.aspectssoftware.com) is a specialist, independent smartcard solution provider with over 20 years’ experience. Focusing on Open Standards, Aspects has developed a Java Card / Global Platform compliant Operating System with tailored solutions for the Wireless (GSM Phase 2+), Finance (VISA Config 1 & 2), ID (FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified) and multi-media markets. Aspects also provides Smartcard Security Consultancy Services and a range of industry leading, proven Test Tools for the Wireless market to inspect, analyse and ensure Standards compliance terminals and handsets with smartcards.

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