Datastrip Partners with Cogent Systems To Aid Government Security Efforts with a Portable Fingerprint Identification System Cogent’s Software & Algorithm on Datastrip’s Handheld ID Terminals; First Use in Iraq

LAS VEGAS (CTST, April 12, 2005) — Datastrip announced today that it has partnered with Cogent Systems (Nasdaq: COGT) to develop a portable fingerprint identification system to aid federal homeland security and other law enforcement efforts.

Cogent’s algorithms and software have been incorporated into Datastrip’s new DSVII family of handheld identification terminals, enabling live fingerprints scanned with the Datastrip unit’s fingerprint sensor to be compared to Cogent-based biometric templates for mobile identity verification. These portable fingerprint solutions can be integrated into Cogent’s industry-leading Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS).

The joint solution has already been deployed in Iraq to help bolster the U.S. government’s security efforts in that country. The project involves identification cards utilizing fingerprints encoded with Cogent’s algorithms and decoded with Datastrip’s DSVII-SC terminals. SI International (Nasdaq: SINT), the Reston, Va.-based federal systems integrator responsible for the project solution, will demonstrate the application at Datastrip’s booth # 217 and Cogent’s booth # 528 at the CTST show that opens today in Las Vegas.

The system can compare live and stored fingerprints on a 1:1 basis to match biometric identification cards with live cardholders, or on a 1:N basis for applications requiring searches of large criminal databases. For 1:N applications, Datastrip’s terminals can optionally send live fingerprint images to a Cogent database wirelessly via 802.11 technology and cellular communication such as GPRS and GSM.

“This jointly developed Datastrip/Cogent system offers another innovative way to access our complete end-to-end AFIS solution,” said Chris Crump, Director of Commercial Business at Cogent. “Partnering with Datastrip gives us a versatile hardware platform for the mobile market, and we see increasing opportunities for portable solutions in the marketplace.”

“Cogent has strong ties in the government and law enforcement communities, and many of these agencies are looking for new mobile identification solutions,” said Melinda Morris, Business Development Manager at Datastrip. “This joint solution meets those demands by incorporating both the front-end hardware and the back-end database required to extend security from stationary checkpoints into the field.”

Datastrip’s DSVII handheld identification terminal models combine a 500 dpi Fujitsu fingerprint sensor with the ability to read contact and contactless smart cards, bar codes, passports or OCR-B data depending on the model.

Each unit weighs roughly two pounds; includes on-board memory as well as the ability to communicate wirelessly with a back-end database via 802.11 or Bluetooth technology; and supports custom Windows CE.NET applications. Models include the DSVII-SC (Smart Card Edition), DSVII-SW (Card Swipe Edition), DSVII-PS (Passport MRZ Swipe Edition), and DSVII-PA (Full-Page Passport Swipe Edition).

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Datastrip is a leading provider of biometric verification devices and 2D bar code software with associated hardware. Datastrip and its integration partners provide total solutions for production of ID cards, passports, national ID cards, driver’s licenses, voter registration cards, health cards, financial cards, birth certificates and other identity documents, as well as mobile AFIS and biometric verification systems. For more information, call 800-548-2517 or visit

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