green bit biancoGreenbit Italy is a global market leader in biometric identification, today announced that they have been awarded the N2N (Nail-to-Nail) fingerprint Two first prizes in the challenge! The challenge was held in September 2017 and was initiated by the Intelligent Advanced Research Project Activity (IARPA).

The main purpose of the challenge is to develop an automatic collection technology that can eliminate the interference of human factors when operators collect and scroll fingerprints (such as rolling their fingers). In addition, the fingerprint data collected by this automatic collection technology must be as good as or better than the fingerprint data collected using the traditional rolling fingerprint gold collection standard. During the collection, a collection guide may be present and provide basic verbal instructions, but no physical contact between the collection guide and the fingerprint collection object is allowed. The method currently used by trained police officers is to assist people in collecting fingerprints through physical contact.

Greenbit has won two first prizes, one is the first prize for comparing the accuracy of automatically collected images and ink-printed images, and the other is the first prize for the automatic collection rate of 100%. The collected data is more than 90% efficient, and the time to collect all the data is less than 8 minutes.
Mr. Gregory Fiumara, a computer scientist at NIST, extensively studied the data evaluation and output results of fingerprints collected in the N2N Challenge. He stated in an interview: “The quality of fingerprints collected with Greenbit equipment is so high that we sometimes cannot judge them. Whether the fingerprints were collected without help, the result is that the accuracy of Greenbit’s fingerprint collection far exceeds that of the second and third companies in this category.” Ms. Nadia Reid, Vice President of Sales & Business of Greenbit America, commented on behalf of the members of the Greenbite team in the N2N Challenge: “The news of our victory makes me excited. Field tests confirmed that we are based on hardware collectors and advanced software. The traditional FTIR reliability of the algorithm. Greenbit’s fingerprint collection technology continues to prove to the market that our technology is mature enough to be used and trusted.”

The Greenbit team used the DactyScan40i hardware acquisition instrument and software to demonstrate their technology in this challenge. This is one of their four acquisition instruments, all using the standard MultiScan SDK software algorithm, in Windows, Linux and Android Collect scrolling fingerprints on the operating system. In addition to the DactyScan40i, other devices produced by Grimbit are also compatible with their standard MultiScan SDK, including DactyScan84c, MultiScan527 and MultiScan527g.

At present, the collection methods used in many places are not standard, which will cause the quality of fingerprints to not meet the standards, and affect the identification ability of living or potential fingerprints. Using Greenbit’s technology and writing pre-defined parameters into the algorithm, their software can analyze the total area of ​​the deformed area of ​​the final stitched fingerprint image. On this basis, manual operators can be removed to reduce potential obstacles.

Mr. Sergio Rainero, Chief Operating Officer of Greenbit, said: “We are very pleased with the performance and results achieved in the IARPA challenge. Taking into account our continuous investment in R&D, our goal is always to provide the industry and customers with reliable products and Technology, in view of our results in the IARPA Challenge, we have proven our hardware and software technology (including complex algorithms to avoid the influence of operators), and we are ready to share our best solutions with the biometric market “.

Intelligent Advanced Research Project Activity (IARPA) is an organization in the United States. The Office of the Director of the National Intelligence Agency invests in high-risk and high-return research projects, focusing on the unique technical challenges faced by the intelligence community (IC) . The website is

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Greenbit strictly follows the B2B business model and provides a series of live fingerprint collection products for system integrators and solution providers worldwide. Our value proposition is: high-quality live fingerprint collection products, easy-to-integrate software development kits, competitive price positioning, and rapid mass production capabilities. This makes Greenbit’s live finger/palmprint collection product the best choice for finger/palmprint collection.

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