Costa Mesa, CA, March 3, 1997 – CardLogix, a leading Smart Card manufacturer today announced that it has formed a strategic alliance with MPO Videotronics of Newbury Park, CA to jointly provide Smart Cards, software and interactive touchscreen terminals to movie theaters for automatic ticketing. MPO Videotronics supplies interactive terminals for streamlined customer-activated movie ticketing and concessions. The new Smart Card-based system lets customers avoid long lines and carry less cash. Additionally, Movie Magic software is provided by CardLogix free of charge for customization of theater-specific information. This customization can include co-branding offers for additional products, refreshments and related services. With the system, movie theaters can increase business, improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and generate revenue from unused value stored on the card.

Customers can obtain tickets loaded into the Movie Gold Card, with deductions made when the card is inserted into a reader located on the kiosk/ terminal. Unlike conventional magnetic-stripe cards, the card contains a chip that gives the card more intelligence and greater data storage capacity. Like an ATM transaction, the customer is prompted via a touchscreen to preview movie selections, order tickets and select other purchase options, such as refreshments. The items are deducted from the card balance and issued. Movie Magic software customization can also tie special offers into credits earned with each card use.

“The integration of our Smart Card and advanced applications software really enhances the ticketing system and builds even greater business for the movie theater” commented Walter Lim, President of CardLogix. Larry Kaiser, President of MPO Videotronics, added that both customers and movie theater owners benefit from this advanced system and the close relationship between the organizations. “This technology can be integrated into virtually all ticketing systems now in place, making it cost effective and universally beneficial” he said. The CardLogix/MPO Videotronics system is available for demonstration immediately. For more information on the system, contact Richard Ayeroff, National Accounts Manager at MPO Videotronics (805)499-8513.

MPO Videotronics is a leading integrator of video, audio and digital technologies for the entertainment and foodservice industries. Customers include General Cinema, Edwards Theaters, Ford, Marriott, Disney, PepisCo and many others.

CardLogix is a U.S.-based developer and manufacturer of Smart Cards for a variety of transaction-based industries, including banking, healthcare and entertainment. For further information contact Emil Nastri, vice president of sales at (949) 437-0587 and


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