Irvine, CA, April 18, 2005 – CardLogix, a leading manufacturer of smart cards and software and R & R Card Systems, Inc., an innovative leader in plastic card technology, announced today the integration of R & R’s patent-pending CDplus Connect Card™ with CardLogix cards as a single, integrated solution. The resulting layered card contains a plastic card that mates with a CD. These components work together for stored value, loyalty and health transactions by physically integrating stored value and dynamic data management with interactive program information, promotions and any other data an issuer wishes to add, including website links. This solution enables marketers to launch or enhance a card program with in-depth consumer information including promotions, instructions and service. CardLogix and R & R have formed a teaming agreement for CardLogix to sell and support the CDplus Connect Card for 43 of its standard card products, including the Movie Gold card for theater ticketing and loyalty.

“This is an all-in-one storefront and marketing program,” says Bruce Ross, CEO of CardLogix. “For example, you can sell stored value music downloads that also feature sample video and web links to artist’s tours. The processing power of the card enhances the capability and ease of the stored value end, while the CD gives the customer vital information about the use of the card and participation in the program. Just by using the card, your customer is interactively engaged with your products and services”.

The combination CardLogix and CDplus Connect Card seamlessly integrate together as a single, two-layered card with the bottom CD layer protected by the top plastic card layer. With just a twist, the cards separate and are read via ISO standard devices: Most tray-loading readers (CD) and a wide variety of card readers, depending on the type of card, such as smart, magnetic stripe (magstripe) and barcode. The CD capacity is 11MB. Smart card capacities are available up to 1MB. Pricing varies based on the combination of authoring options selected for the CD and the type, technology and capacity selected for the CardLogix card. Issuers can design the card program according to several factors, including the distribution of data and the required functions and security. Samples of the CardLogix/CDplus Connect Card solution are available now from CardLogix. For more information, contact CardLogix at and (949)380-1312.

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