Irvine, CA, April 21, 2004 – CardLogix, a leader in smart cards and software, today announced a keychain version of its memory and microprocessor smart cards, designed for highly mobile applications such as public transportation, parking and personal ID. This compact form factor, which is about the size of a key, fits on a keychain and is designed to fit into any standard size smart card reader and/or terminal with a guide/adaptor provided by CardLogix.

Keychain cards are becoming popular throughout the world for their convenience, since they are typically carried with other keys that consumers use all the time. By enabling smart card technology with this new form factor, CardLogix cards make the transaction of value and data more convenient. The superior processing, storage and security of smart cards make them better than conventional keychain card technologies, such as barcode, magnetic-stripe (magstripe) or RFID, and just as cost-effective.

The demand for a smaller form factor like this keychain card has been increasing in the U.S. as consumers look for ever-faster ways to transact on the go. While customers might hesitate to take the time to remove cash or yet another card from their wallet, they are more likely to use a convenient keychain card, which they already have in hand. Successful keychain programs to date include those issued by several large grocery store chains and Mobil Oil.

CardLogix also announced a family of card guide/adaptors that enables easy insertion of the keychain card into any standard smart card reader or terminal, regardless of form factor. This means card issuers and integrators can have a keychain solution without costly change-out of existing readers.

More About the Compact Smart Card

This new small form factor smart card features a patent-pending, anti-tearing locking mechanism that prevents the pulling-out the card from the reader before the transaction is complete. Early release or “tearing” of the card from the electrical contacts in the reader before the data is completely read or written causes incomplete or inaccurate transactions. This results in repeated insertions, which take up valuable time and frustrate users. The compact smart card and adapter are available now. Pricing depends on the type of card ordered. An optional eyelet is available for extra durability. For a sample of the card and adapter, contact CardLogix at and (949) 380-1312.

About CardLogix

CardLogix is the leading U.S. supplier of smart cards and software for the transaction of data and value. Since 1998 CardLogix has provided smart card platforms for solutions in security, retail, healthcare and financial applications worldwide.