Irvine, CA, January 31, 2000 – CardLogix and KDE CardCom Technology announced today the formation of a strategic alliance between the two companies to develop smart card-based solutions for gaming and customer loyalty that unify various data systems throughout a casino/hospitality system. The alliance will produce a range of modular components for casinos and cruise ships to integrate smart cards and smart card readers into their data systems quickly and cost-effectively. These businesses can issue cards to store value and credits for virtually every point of customer contact, from table play to slots to retail POS. The cards also securely and conveniently store value and credits for accommodations, food service and other services offered by hotels and cruise ships that feature gaming. This is the first alliance forged by CardLogix as part of a gaming industry consortium formed to integrate several critical technologies for new gaming and hospitality applications.

Under the agreement, CardLogix will provide a family of smart cards and middleware that meets a variety of price and security features. CardCom KDE will provide a family of hybrid smart and mag-stripe card readers that includes manual and motorized insertion models. The solutions are targeted to integrators and slot machine manufacturers who sell to gaming facilities and hotels, as well as to internal IT organizations. The first of these solutions, featuring CardLogix Tracplex™ middleware and KDE CardCom’s hybrid readers, will be available in the first quarter.

For the first time, a destination gaming resort can provide its customers with a single, personal means of transacting value and earning credits, without the inconvenience and risk of carrying cash. In addition, these facilities can integrate essential data gathered through use of the card regarding wagering and spending habits. This data helps a business track customer activity, plan promotions and fine-tune operations. The card also builds customer loyalty, which is especially important in locations where there are many choices of casinos.

“This alliance puts powerful computing technology and marketing innovation into the hands of gaming operators worldwide”, said Emil Nastri, president of CardLogix. “As a supplier of  card readers installed in the most popular player tracking systems casinos have today, our partnership help customers transition from simple player tracking to a more sophisticated platform,” added Mark Baughman, national marketing manager for CardCom Technology.

About CardLogix

CardLogix was founded in 1994 and manufactures smart cards and software, providing an advanced technology platform for the transaction of data and value. Smart cards enable enterprise-wide interoperability, while adding convenience and security to any application. CardLogix sells worldwide to businesses in healthcare, banking and entertainment.  Contact CardLogix at (949)380-1312 or and at 16 Hughes, Irvine, California, 92618 or

About CardCom

CardCom Technology  is the marketing arm of  KDE, which manufactures the largest line of magnetic-stripe and smart card readers.  Since 1993 CardCom Technology has been providing hardware solutions to electronic cash transaction, telecommunication and public transportation industry.   CardCom Technology offers hardware configurations to satisfy any sets of requirements.  CardCom Technology also design & develop auto identification module & system for Auto Identification Industry. Contact at CardCom Technology at (800) 476-7811 or  at 6301 Beach Blvd. # 216 Buena Park CA, 90621. See also

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