The SLS 32TLC100(M) is a dedicated security controller for transport ticketing applications featuring CIPURSE™ functionality, offering CIPURSE™T profile of CIPURSE™V2. The emulation supports existing applications while the CIPURSE functionality allows migration towards state of the art security based on AES‑128.

The CIPURSE™Security Controller is a dedicated contactless security controller for cards in transport ticketing multi-applications. It is featuring the CIPURSE™T profile and is compliant to the OSPT Alliance CIPURSE™V2 specification. The Open Standard CIPURSE™V2 provides interoperability and easy integration of CIPURSE™V2 compliant products.

The CIPURSE™Security Controller incorporates the CIPURSE™V2 security architecture and is compliant to the CIPURSE™V2 cryptographic protocol specification using AES-128, augmented by a combination of hardware and software security measures. Commands and transmitted data can be secured using the CIPURSE™V2 cryptographic protocol which is inherently resistant against physical attacks like DPA and DFA. A typical CIPURSE™ secured transaction will take less than 100 ms.

On top, 1 kByte or 4 kByte NRG(ISO/IEC 14443-3 type A with CRYPTO1) emulation for legacy systems and NFC Forum Type 4 Tag operation for NFC applications can be supported.

CIPURSE™Security Controller is the ideal product to support migration from existing none security or NRG (ISO/IEC 14443-3 type A with CRYPTO1) legacy systems towards a more advanced and state-of-the-art security architecture like CIPURSE™.