Infineon CIPURSE™ T Card 8K w/ MIFARE 4k

Infineon CIPURSE™ T Card 8K w/ MIFARE 4k


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  • User Memory: 8 kByte EEPROM
  • Chip hardware based on SOLID FLASH™ 16-bit security controller
  • Data rate up to 848 kbit/s
  • 4 KB Mifare compatibility
  • Eight 128-bit AES keys per application configurable
  • Open Standard and non-proprietary


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The CIPURSE™ SLS32TLC100M4 is a dedicated security controller for transport ticketing applications featuring CIPURSE functionality and Mifare Classic 4K compatibility. It is therefore the ideal product to upgrade existing Mifare compatible systems towards more advanced CIPURSE™ security based on AES-128. The product is the very first of a range of CIPURSE compliant contactless products optimized for a variety of form factors such as limited use tickets, multi-application and payment cards.

The SLS32TLC100M4 is based on Infineon’s SLE 7x SOLID FLASH™ family successfully used in many applications. It offers support for the CIPURSE™T profile of CIPURSE™V2 and can hold several ticket applications.

With communication rates up to 848 kbits/sec, fast CIPURSE transactions are possible, offering the travelling public a convenient, flexible device that can be used by transport operators for various purposes from concessionary passes to commercial tickets for extended period travel. CIPURSE eases also the deployment of NFC solutions by operating on standard infrastructures.

Additionally, the Mifare compatible emulation supports existing applications while the CIPURSE functionality allows migration towards state of the art security based on AES-128. Having Mifare compatibility and CIPURSE functionality in one device further allows transport and local authorities to stay with existing legacy systems where needed while still being able to migrate demanding applications towards CIPURSE security.

The Infineon SLS32TLC100M4 platform is based on the CIPURSE security controller security architecture of CIPURSE with built-in command set based on ISO 7816-4/-9, fully configurable file system based on ISO/ IEC 7816-4.

The CIPURSE™T Profile has Multiple Application Profile supporting consistent transaction mechanism – Fully configurable, supporting multiple applications on the device – In-field application download – Efficient and consistent management of data manipulations across files.

Following CIPURSE card variants are available:

Product Form Factor Profiles Memory
CIPURSE L CR80 or SIM card L 512 Bytes
CIPURSE S 2k CR80 or SIM card L, S 2 kByte
CIPURSE S 4k CR80 or SIM card L, S 4 kByte
CIPURSE T 8k CR80  or SIM card L, S, T 8 kByte
CIPURSE T 12k CR80 or SIM card L, S, T 12 kByte
CIPURSE SAM Plastic card, SIM L, S, T (SAM) 12 kByte



The CIPURSE™ Evaluation & Development Kit enables communication with CIPURSE™ compliant smart cards and Secure Access Module (SAM). The kit supports plaintext as well as CIPURSE™ AES-128 based cryptography protected communication. You can develop and load state of the art security applications onto a CIPURSE™ card or SAM without a need for additional tools or equipment. CIPURSE SDK available HERE



  • Chip hardware based on SOLID FLASH™ 16-bit security controller
  • Operation temperature range -25°C to +85°C
  • Crypto accelerator supporting AES-128 algorithm

Contactless I/O Management

  • ISO/IEC 14443-3 Type A
  • ISO/IEC 14443-4 protocol
  • Data rate up to 848 kbit/s
  • 4-byte reused / non-unique (NUID) / Random ID, 7-/10-byte UID

Memory Organization

  • User Memory: 8 kByte EEPROM
  • File system according to ISO/IEC 7816-4
  • Up to 8 applications configurable
  • Up to 32 files per application configurable
  • Binary files, linear record files, cyclic record files and linear value-record files
  • Consistent transaction mechanism for each file type

Support of Mifare Compatibility

  • 4 KB Mifare compatibility: 32 sectors of 64 bytes (4 blocks) and 8 sectors of 256 bytes (16 blocks)
  • Two keys per sector
  • Mutual three pass authentication
  • Encrypted data transfer
  • Improved random number (i.e. TokenRB) for cryptography providing more robustness against known attacks


  • Eight 128-bit AES keys per application configurable
  • Flexible access rights and secure messaging rules configurable for each file
  • Mutual authentication (3-pass as per ISO/IEC 9798-2), using AES
  • Secure messaging supporting AES-MAC and AES-encryption
  • Data exchange protocol inherently DPA and DFA resistant
  • Sequence integrity protection for APDUs
  • Security attack countermeasures for all critical operations using both hardware and software controls
  • Active shield technology
  • Anti-snooping features

Certification Level

  • CIPURSE™V2 certification
  • CC EAL5+ (high)


  • Migration product for existing systems towards CIPURSE™
  • “Ready-To-Go” solution: Integrated application
  • Ready for personalization
  • Multi-application card support
  • CIPURSE™T compliant
  • NFC Forum™ Type 4 Tag A configurable


The CIPURSE™ open standard has already been implemented in many security products delivered by Infineon.

  • The SLS 32 TLC security controller, received the Sesames Award from chip card industry as the most innovative product in the “Transport” category
  • In addition, the CIPURSE™ Cryptographic Protocol with Inherent Side-Channel Resistance was awarded the German Prize for IT Security

The CIPURSE™ open standard was established by the OSPT Alliance.

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