Infineon CIPURSE™SAM Card (Secure Access Module) – SLF 9630

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  • Secured transaction (< 100 ms)
  • Ready-to-use for personalization
  • Future proven cost effective solution for security application
  • CIPURSE™ certified
  • CC EAL 6+ (high) for hardware
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The CIPURSE™SAM is based on the high-performance 16-bit SLE 78 security controller with Integrity Guard digital hardware security which is used for e-ID documents of Governments and successfully achieved Common Criteria EAL 6+ security certification as an and CC EAL 6+ (High) certification according to Common Criteria 3.1 and protection profile PP0035. It incorporates the CIPURSE™ security architecture and is compliant to the CIPURSE™ Cryptographic Protocol using

The CIPURSE™SAM incorporates the CIPURSE™ security architecture and is compliant to the CIPURSE™ Cryptographic Protocol using AES-128, augmented by a combination of hardware and software security measures. Commands and transmitted data can be secured using the CIPURSE™ Cryptographic Protocol which is inherently resistant against physical attacks like DPA and DFA and was honored in 2012 with the German IT Security Award.

The CIPURSE™SAM is a ready-to-use Secure Access Module and offers secure storage of keys in hardware for 3-pass mutual authentication and communication. This Secure Access Module offers a dedicated key management system with flexible key diversification and secured key loading for user card authentication, personalization and SAM administration.

It is compliant to the CIPURSE™ SAM Specification and to the CIPURSE™ Operation and Interface Specification. CIPURSE™ is an Open Standard of the OSPT™ Alliance and provides interoperability and easy integration of CIPURSE™ certified products.

The CIPURSE™SAM is the ideal product to support the upgrade from existing nonsecure or systems using MIFARE compatible technology towards a more advanced, state-of-theart and future proven security architecture such as the Open Standard CIPURSE™. A typical CIPURSE™ secured transaction will take less than 100 ms. Further, the CIPURSE™SAM can be used to communicate with 1k and 4k cards using MIFARE compatible technology.

Following CIPURSE card variants are available:

Product Form Factor Profiles Memory
CIPURSE L CR80 or SIM card L 512 Bytes
CIPURSE S 2k CR80 or SIM card L, S 2 kByte
CIPURSE S 4k CR80 or SIM card L, S 4 kByte
CIPURSE T 8k CR80  or SIM card L, S, T 8 kByte
CIPURSE T 12k CR80 or SIM card L, S, T 12 kByte
CIPURSE SAM Plastic card, SIM L, S, T (SAM) 12 kByte


The CIPURSE™ Evaluation & Development Kit enables communication with CIPURSE™ compliant smart cards and Secure Access Module (SAM). The kit supports plaintext as well as CIPURSE™ AES-128 based cryptography protected communication. You can develop and load state of the art security applications onto a CIPURSE™ card or SAM without a need for additional tools or equipment. CIPURSE SDK available HERE


  • Enables secured authentication between a reader and CIPURSE™ smart cards using AES-128 based authentication schemes or cards using Mifare compatible technology
  • Dedicated key management system including key derivation and key upload
  • Online and offline modes
  • Up to 8 SAM applications (ADF) configurable
  • Up to 512 reloadable 128-bit keys across all key files for SAM operations
  • Secure storage of keys
  • Secured 3 pass mutual authentication
  • Secured communication using AES-128 and session key derivation mechanism
  • Data exchange protocol inherently DPA and DFA resistant


  • Access management
  • Public transport
  • Loyalty programs
  • e-Government
  • Banking & Payment
  • e-Healthcare
  • e-Purse & Loyalty
  • Hardware Security Engine

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