The small and compact SCM SCR335 USB smart card reader is ISO 7816 compliant and reads and writes on all smart cards in ID-1 card format.

The SCR335 is an extension to the SCRx31 product family combining the flexibility and ease of use of the CHIPDRIVE® micro product and SCM’s interface technology. Together, these features provide SCM with an unique ability to offer high performance at a very competitive price.

Compatible with all major industry standards including PC/SC, CT-API as well as CCID, the SCR335 is suitablefor a wide range of applications (e.g. home banking, network security, secure logon, email encryption, loyalty, e-couponing, gaming) where performance and price are required.

The reader has backside mounting holes which makes it suitable for the integration into various housings. Its on-board flash allows seamless in-field firmware updates.

The SCR335 offers the best price/performance ratio in the market.

SCR335 Benefits

  • PC/SC certified
  • High performance
  • Support of T=0,T=1, such as Java Card, MOST Card, ACOS3 and ACOS6 as well as all major memory cards available on the market
  • Fully tested and compliant with all major Smart Cards in the market

The SCM Microsystems Advantage

SCM Microsystems brings over a decade of experience in ASIC and Smart Card Reader development to this unique product, including:

  • More than 60 patents
  • Support for all current and emerging international standards
  • Customer base of global, top tier PC OEMs, systems integrators and Smart Card industry leaders
  • Industry endorsed SmartOS™ middleware
  • Direct significant long-term relationships with all leading Smart Card manufacturers and application providers
  • High quality mass production capability

SCM SCR335 Product Information Sheet