Java Card OpenPlatform (JCOP) is a smart card operating system for the Java Card platform developed by IBM Zürich Research Laboratory. On 31 January 2006 the development and support responsibilities transferred to the IBM Smart Card Technology team in Boeblingen, Germany. Since July 2007 support and development activities for the JCOP operating system on NXP / Philips silicon are serviced by NXP Semiconductors.

The title is originated from standards it comply with:

  • Java Card specifications
  • GlobalPlatform (formerly known as Open Platform) specifications

JCOP 2 runs on the SmartMX microcontroller and is comprised of the follow operating systems:

JCOP v2.4

  • first NXP developed JCOP version
  • ECC GF(p) support
  • Java Card 2.2.2

JCOP v2.4.1

  • ECC primitive calculation support (point addition and multiplication)
  • Common Criteria 5+ certification (CC)
  • EMV, Visa and MasterCard approved
  • NFC integration into PN65N combo chip: NFC and Secure Element

JCOP v2.4.2

  • additional algorithms to support eGovernment use cases, i.e. AES CMAC
  • CC 5+
  • NFC integration into PN65O

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