The MIFARE proX P8RF5016 is an ultra low power secure 8-bit dual interface smart card controller combining contactless smart card technology based on the ISO14443A / MIFARE® contactless interface platform and contact smart card technology on a single chip. It is designed to support both high level languages like Java Card and multi application operating systems. To meet the requirements of new open e-purse standards like CEPS high security features are implemented combined with the convenience and transfer speed that is needed in contactless applications such as electronic ticketing.

The device is manufactured in a most advanced CMOS process and is designed for embedding into chip cards according to ISO 7816. Compared to a contact only card an antenna has to be added in the peripheral zone of the card body. The antenna consists of a few turns of a printed, etched or wired coil which is directly connected to the two contactless interface pads of the dual interface smart card module.

The integrated PKI engine FameX accelerates the encipherment for Public Key encryption algorithms. This widens the field of applications for this device, since it can be used as tamper-resistant security tool for secured and authentic communication in open networks and can be used both in contact and contactless operation.

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