Since the NiSCA Plastic Card printers‘ introduction into the marketplace in 1994, NiSCA printers have been producing high quality full color plastic cards for Corporations, Education, and Government organizations. With thousands of hard working card printers and hundreds of loyal dealers, VAR’s, and system integrators around the world, NiSCA continues to be the leader in the identification card printing marketplace. NiSCA Corporation offers a broad product line from plastic card printers to document scanning systems to paper handling systems for the photocopier industry. The company’s ability to manufacture many of its required components is critical to our success in controlling quality and reliability in our product offering. NiSCA technological leadership is obvious market wide:

  • Delivered the first dual sided printer, 1994
  • Delivered the first easily changeable ribbon cassette, 1994
  • Delivered the first self-aligning print head, 1996
  • Delivered the first modular lamination unit, 1996
  • Delivered the smallest dual printing and laminating system, 2000

NiSCA plastic card printers are sold through the Team NiSCA sales organization, located in Somerset NJ USA. The facility in Somerset provides sales, stocking and warranty services for NiSCA products sold globally.

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