May 30, 2006 – Precise Biometrics AB (publ.), a world-leading biometric company that develops and sells user-friendly biometric security solutions based on fingerprints and smart cards, has strengthen its market position further. The company is launching its smart card solution, Precise Match-On-Card™, in a version compliant with the US Federal government standard, American National Standards Institute (ANSI 378). The standard is an important requirement in implementing the US Federal Government Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) and the closely aligned Federal Information Processing Standards 201 (FIPS 201). By fall this year all US Government agencies must initiate the deployment of smart card based ID cards, the so called PIV (Personal Identity Verification) Cards.

Precise Biometrics is bringing interoperability and privacy together with the release of a Precise Match-on-Card™ version of the ANSI 378 minutia template. This is the required template format for PIV-cards for hundreds of thousands of US Federal government employees and contractors under HSPD-12.

The US Federal requirements for the standard ANSI 378 are designed to ensure that all employees and contractors are able to use their badges for identification and access in all government facilities. However, many organizations and government employees are concerned with privacy and security of the template and therefore Precise Biometrics is offering a perfect Match-on-Card solution that meets ANSI 378.

“When the strength and security of Precise Match-on-Card™ technology is combined with the open interoperability of the standard ANSI 378, the result is a powerful privacy-enhancing solution that does more than mere PIN replacement,” says Christer Bergman, President and CEO of Precise Biometrics. “The Precise Match-on-Card™ technology adjusted for the standard ANSI 378 takes biometric security and convenience one step further by performing the actual fingerprint match within the tamper-proof environment of a smart card. This reduces the vulnerability of matching on a network-connected device, an external server, or a database – normally considered weak links in the security chain.”

While many of biometric devices used today still operate in a database environment making the solutions vulnerable to attacks and hacks, the Precise Match-on-Card™ technology eliminates the need for the database by both storing and processing biometric data directly on a smart card, providing a secure, privacy-enhancing biometric program with dynamic flexibility and scalability.

With the combination of Precise Match-on-Card™ and the standard ANSI 378, Precise Biometrics is offering agencies the ability to conduct off-line biometrics authentication, using smart card and fingerprint. Off-line authentication has become an increasing concern with the need for PIV to operate in environments where servers are or will be inaccessible, such as post-natural or terrorist disaster areas, battlefields, ports, train depots, airports, and other transportation facilities.

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From Precise Biometrics:

* Christer Bergman, President and CEO.
* Niklas Andersson, CFO
* Ann-Sofi Höijenstam, Corporate Communications Manager

Press release (PDF)

For further information, please contact
Christer Bergman, President & CEO, Precise Biometrics AB.
Telephone +1(0) 703 405 8255, or +46 (0) 730 35 67 26

Precise Biometrics AB (publ.) is an innovative security company that supplies world-leading systems for fingerprint and smart card-based authentication. The company’s solutions replace keys, PIN codes and passwords and enhance the integrity of ID cards and passports. With its proprietary Precise Match-on-Card(TM) technology, the company is a market leader within smart ID cards. Through its subsidiary Fyrplus Teknik, Precise Biometrics can deliver complete biometrics solutions on the Scandinavian market based, for example on fingerprint, iris and facial recognition. The product line includes systems for access control to buildings, computers and networks and for integration into ID cards and passports. The group headquarters are in Lund, Sweden. It also has subsidiaries in London and Washington, DC. The subsidiary Fyrplus Teknik is based in Karlstad and has regional offices in Linköping and the subsidiary Loqware is based in Gothenburg. Precise Biometrics is listed on the O-list of the Stockholm Stock Exchange (symbol: PREC A). For more information, please visit


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