BOSTONNov. 5, 2018 — Robbie.AI, a company that uses AI technology to provide facial recognition (identity) and emotion prediction (behavior) in natural settings and real time, today announced a partnership with SureID, a world-class biometrics and fingerprint services company. The companies are aligning on joint research and development that could result in the United States’ first nationwide biometrics gathering system for broad consumer-focused initiatives.

This innovative research is focused around further expansion of SureID’s network of fingerprinting kiosks: SureID currently delivers the only single-source nationwide network for fingerprint enrollments at scale. SureID may initially be using this technology to simplify fingerprint technician login and authentication upon initial login, to provide an additional layer of network security.

“As technology emerges and companies adopt more sophisticated forms of security, it will be crucial for safety and security to authenticate the real identity of technicians and consumers,” says Ned Hayes, General Manager at SureID. “Our combined biometrics database can provide a frame of reference for the development of future security solutions on the market. SureID and Robbie.AI are providing industry-transforming biometrics and identity offerings to make the security world safer, faster, and a better experience for everyone.”

Future expansion of this innovative technology could include a variety of use cases, including multiple biometric authentication levels. In the future, job candidates and other users of fingerprint services could use the same initial device to both register and capture a photo of themselves. Then, when the registrant goes to a SureID fingerprinting location,  the captured face could provide a further authentication of the identity of a person. This new highly secure identity authentication could ensure, via facial recognition technology, that the fingerprints belong to the registrant. Since Robbie.AI’s technology can tell the difference between a real face and a picture or mask,  no one can submit their fingerprints under another identity.

SureID is at the forefront of biometrics technology, and collaborating with Robbie.AI will accelerate the development of a holistic biometrics scanning solution for a variety of solutions. SureID hopes to use this innovation to respond to customer issues immediately, alert people of fraud in real time, and potentially provide instant authentication to vehicles, IoT devices and smart homes.

Another benefit of this partnership is safer and more accurate security. Some of the largest US-based companies have had their facial recognition security solutions hacked; consider the iPhoneX’s Face ID a week after the phone release, when hackers duplicated a face with a 3-D mask. A study at M.I.T. Media Lab also points out that existing facial recognition technology  shows errors up to 35% in detecting darker-skinned women in photos. However, since Robbie.AI’s technology is based on bone structure geometry, its facial recognition solution is harder to hack and recognizes faces much easier. Even weight gain or loss, glasses, and darker rooms do not impact Robbie.AI’s results.

“It is crucial that facial recognition technology be trained in the ‘wild’ or public domain so that the algorithms are exposed to a variety of situations that are unpredictable – this is what increases the level of accuracy,” says Karen Marquez, CEO of Robbie.AI.

About Robbie.AI 
Robbie.AI uses sophisticated AI technology forfacial identification and emotion recognition and provides the highest level of accuracy on the market today, using any commodity camera -high or low end – in physical locations. Robbie AI recognizes the six basic emotions as well as non-basic feelings such as satisfaction, boredom, and engagement, automating data collection and analysis of customers in physical locations. Headquartered at the University of Massachusetts Boston, the tech start-up was founded in 2017 after long doctoral research in the European Union. For more information, visit

About SureID
SureID was founded on the belief that fingerprinting can be convenient, safe, secure, fast, and appointment-free. We offer a nationwide network of over 800 fingerprinting locations with best in class technology and customer-friendly interactions.  Backed by nearly two decades of experience collecting biometric data, we have redesigned the electronic fingerprinting process to serve the applicant and customer first. SureID joined the Sterling Talent Solutions family in October 2017 and is headquartered in Portland, OR.

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