Matica S4200LX Card Laser Engraving Issuance System

Matica S4200LX Card Laser Engraving Issuance System

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  • Compact design
  • 10W fiber laser
  • Up to 250 card per hour (cph)
  • Internal air filtration
  • MaticardPro software


  • Laser security options: CLI/MLI marking
  • Dual smart card encoding (contact/contactless)


The Matica S4200LX is the best-in-class laser engraving solution for decentralized on-site ID card issuance. The system offers a proven, reliable structure for volume issuance card personalization with embedded security features such as micro-text, tactile effects, braille, MRZ, and ghost images. The state-of-the-art laser source and the dual module architecture fulfils the most demanding requirements in terms of flexibility, performances, quality of engraving and handling of delicate or specialty cards.

The S4200LX is able to engrave Changeable Laser Image (CLI) /Multiple Laser Image (MLI) are floating images, which show different graphics depending on the viewing angle. In order to introduce this security feature, the card body needs to be prepared with the called “CLI/MLI window”. During the card personalization process, the laser prints the text (or image) through the window at two different angles. As a result, the information contained in that specially prepared area of the card body is visible when titling the card horizontally (X-axle) – otherwise, ‘MLI’ – or vertically (Y-axle) – otherwise ‘CLI’ – showing different information


The S4200LX is designed to meet the growing demand in the low volume issuance of very specific document such as:

All documents require certain levels of security to be embedded in the document to reduce the risk of counterfeiting and to provide options for overt and forensic detection.


The range of Matica’s laser card issuance extends from instant issuance to low, mid and high-volume solutions. All of them are specifically calibrated and tuned for the application they are designed to do, and no matter what solution is used the result is an excellently produced document with the same high finish. For our customers involved in complex projects, this offer is a unique proposition that combines instant and central issuance as well as a distribution component as when it is required.


MaticardPro software is Matica’s standard production software and features in numerous Products, markets and applications. Typically, it needs some interface with pre-existing MaticardPro software in order to issue secure documents, but it can also interface with third party software with a quick and easy setup alongside with its multiple platform database connection options.


Options for the S4200LX give you the ability to encode Single Contact, Contactless or Dual interface Smart Card encoding station. If you are looking for a complete card laser and printing solution, try Matica’s MC-LX Laser Module and MC660 card printer combination LCP9660 Laser Color Personalization System.

*Laser engraving PETG, ABS or PVC requires using an additional vacuum system.


  • High-performance Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) technology
  • Matica Secure Protected Image (MSPI)
  • 10W fiber laser
  • Visual Security Elements (VSE) such as Multiple Laser Images (MLI) and Changeable Laser Images (CLI)
  • 1600 dpi laser engraving
  • TRIPODE (patent-pending) frictionless card transportation system
  • High reliability
  • Up to 250 cards per hour
  • Tru/Window™ Lock feature comprises a secondary portrait image known as ‘inverse personalised ghost image’. The cards consist of a transparent window containing a metallic foil integrated into the polycarbonate (PC) card. Based on a sophisticated laser ablation process, the laser forms a secondary portrait in the window
  • Micro-text hidden in the design of the card and are only visible through a magnifying glass
  • 600 card feeder + 600 card stacker
  • Optional contact, contactless and dual-interface smart card encoder
  • Internal filtration system


Laser Module Options

Part Nos Description MSRP / USD
PR10101011 CLI (Changable Laser Image) and MLI (Multiple Laser Image) Functionality 7,495.00 USD
PR10101012 Laser Vision Registration X,Y,Ɵ 7,495.00 USD
PR10101013 Laser Vision Validation 7,495.00 USD
PR10101014 External Vacuum System / Filter (Air Filtering System Acc) 7,895.00 USD


Support & Downloads

Matica S4200LX Laser Engraving Datasheet

Matica Government Personalization Solutions




  • Up to 250 cards per hour (cph)
  • Recommended operating: up to 1,000 cards over 24 hours

Base Machine

  • 600-card feeder + 600 card stacker with reject card tray
  • LX laser station with open frame transport for dual-side marking
  • Integrated filtering, MaticardPro production SW License


  • Single Contact, Contactless or Dual interface Smart Card encoding station

Card Types

Laser resolution

  • 300 dpi to 1600 dpi. High quality gray scale for ID pictures


  • Vector laser and true type

Laser Station

  • Protected marking chamber with inspection window

Laser security options

  • Visual Security Elements (VSE)
  • – CLI/MLI visual security options
  • – MSPI™ (Matica Secure Protected Image) -needs vision option
  • – Tactile effect
  • Vision: offset registration
  • Vision: MRZ reading


  • Laser marking software for laser layout creation
  • MaticardPro card production software with third party GUI integration option
  • Smartcard SDK
  • Supported OS: Windows 7,Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Communication Interface

  • USB 2.0 – Ethernet

Dimensions &Weight

  • L x W x H: 630mm x 690mm x 700mm (25’’ x 27’’ x 28’’)
  • Approx. 45kg (depending on config.)

Electrical Requirements

  • Auto-switching internal power supply: Input 100-240 volts AC
  • 50-60Hz – 450W (depending on config.)


  • 2 years (or 1,000,000 cards, whichever comes first)

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