K3 Protected Memory Card 

K3 Protected Memory Card 




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The CLXSA002KK3 Smart Card is a low cost synchronous smart card designed for prepaid applications and secure small record storage. The memory is protected, after personalization, by
blowing a fuse. This is an irreversible process, which secures security critical memory areas of the device.

The CLXSA002KK3 provides 1536 bits of serial EEPROM within three Application Zones of 512 bits each, plus 64 bits in a Code Protected Zone. Additional EEPROM memory and security logic provide security for smart card applications.

The CLXSA002KK3 is supported by CardLogix application software, including the Movie Gold API, the Trakplex API, and the Winplex® API for multiple reader environments. Each of these APIs also provides added security options for sensitive data.

The CLXSA002KK3 is available in the ISO 7810 standard, CR80, SIM/SAM and Keychain form factor.