Beijing, Hong Kong, China, September 29, 2011 – Feitian Technologies, one of global major smart card security solution providers, today announced the completion of interoperability validation of their ePass2003 strong authentication smart token and Bloombase Keyparc file protection suite.

Feitian ePass2003 is a purpose designed PKI cryptographic processing security hardware for secure storage of digital certificates and private keys. With what-user-has, the hardware smart token; adding what-user-knows, the passphrase, it enables true delegation of sensitive cryptographic functions by authorized identity at the highest possible level. ePass2003 is designed to meet NIST FIPS 140-2 security standard. Inside the core of ePass2003 lies a high performance micro processor smart chip which is validated at Common Criteria EAL5+. Adding CCID driverless plug-and-play support, ePass2003 enables enterprises to deploy quickly and efficiently. ePass2003 supports a rich set of standard-based security interfaces including MS CAPI, PKCS#11 and Microsoft Smart Card Minidriver, empowers end customers to sign-on Windows and execute RSA 2048, AES and ECC, etc cryptographic operations with a single piece of hardware.

Bloombase Keyparc File Protection Suite is an application and user-transparent file encryption software purpose built for enterprise end users and professional users. Keyparc information security infrastructure is protecting more than 460 million files and digital assets from users all around the world. Keyparc is proven to deliver results from customers of all sizes and used in a wide variety of environments and applications from laptop, desktop to tablets and beyond. The suite is fully optimized, rigorously tested and certified for the widest range of hardware, operating systems and software applications. Keyparc protected files have contents encrypted by strong cipher algorithms where in worst case scenario if the contents are exposed to unauthorized parties, the secret contents remain private and safe. Bloombase Keyparc Business requires zero learning curve, users simply work with Keyparc drives and files AS-IF normal file-system resources, with unique advantages including central key management, secure file sharing, ease of use, and manageability, etc. For more information about Bloombase Keyparc Business, please refer to whereas for Keyparc

Combining Bloombase Keyparc Business file encryption software and Feitian ePass2003 smart token, customers enjoy a seamlessly integrated file protection solution that is easy to use and with significantly higher identity assurance level that can hardly be achieved with passphrases alone. Data owner s/he who holds the Keyparc encrypted data presenting his/her own ePass smart token hardware which is exclusively possessed by him/her, with his/her own pin which only s/he knows, once again it raises the bar on overall security of sensitive digital asset protection. The end result is a highly secure enterprise-grade file protection solution that is usable, secure yet money-can-buy.

About Bloombase Technologies

Bloombase develops and markets turnkey enterprise-grade information security solutions for Global 2000 corporations to lock down data leak vulnerabilities and ensure trustworthiness of business critical information enabling them to comply to various information security regulatory standards easily and cost-effectively. Focused on solving the problems of secret data exposure, insider threats, identity thefts and data tampering attacks, Bloombase has pioneered the use of strong cryptographic technologies that fit transparently into any enterprise IT environment. For more information, please visit

About Feitian Technologies

Feitian Technologies is a solution provider and manufacturer of smart card based security devices used for software protection, network authentication and secure applications. Our mission is to protect the information and software assets of your business by providing cost effective products that allow you to easily build security into your applications and network. For more information about Feitian, please visit


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