Gemalto has recently announced the release of version 10.0 of the SafeNet Authentication Client (SAC). A first step towards integrating the SAC with Gemalto smart cards that allows administrators and users to manage IDPrime cards through the standard PKCS#11 and Microsoft CSP / KSP interfaces. This version of the SAC also supports Bluetooth MobilePKI.

The new features of version 10:

The SAC 10.0 supports the Gemalto ID Prime MD smart cards

  • IDPrime MD 830-FIPS
  • IDPrime MD 830-ICP
  • IDPrime MD 3810
  • IDPrime MD 3810 MIFARE 1K

The customization tool has been extended and can now manage:

  • IDGo 800 Minidriver and Gemalto PKCS#11 proxy library to ensure backward compatibility
  • A new dynamic packaging mechanism, so that the size of customized .msi files varies according to the selected features.
  • The signature with the SHA-2 hashing algorithm of the .msi files
  • Changing the language, through the “language” field in the general settings panel.


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