Santa Ana, January 30, 2018 – Identiv’s new uTrust Sense Minidriver Smart Cards are the next generation of smart card solutions for logical access and physical access control. From accessing Windows®-enabled computers to opening doors, these secure cards incorporate an 8-pin contact chip, similar to what is used in credit card applications. This cryptographic chip is loaded with Identiv’s Windows Smart Card Minidriver application. The secure app provides a high level of identity assurance, protecting the network and securing the computer’s data.

The Windows Smart Card Minidriver app provides services to support public key infrastructure (PKI)-based operations, as well as X.509 certificates to perform Windows PKI login in lieu of usernames and passwords, and secures emails, document signing/encryption, and card personal identification number (PIN) management.

A Microsoft installer for the Minidriver is also included which will run on each computer to recognize the PKI-enabled card. Microsoft Windows requires the Minidriver installation on the client computer or server where the smart card certificates are used. The Minidriver can also be automatically installed in some versions of Windows by doing a simple Microsoft update task.

Identiv’s uTrust Sense Minidriver Smart Cards also come with a low-frequency, proximity technology, contactless coil for physical access. The proximity chip can be programmed with any physical access control system (PACS) data formatting already supported by Identiv. As required, other contactless interfaces. such as MIFARE/DESFire, can also be added to the card configuration.

The new dual-interface contact and contactless proximity card can be read by any PC/SC contact reader, such as Identiv’s uTrust 4700 Smart Card Reader Family.

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